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Project bYouty, the largest homegrown beauty and wellness e-commerce platform in the Middle East has introduced Beirut-born, cruelty-free essential and natural oils brand, Rūt Essentials to its growing portfolio of brands. The Dubai-based platform offers a diverse selection of exclusive and regional brands, whilst ensuring that the brands retailed are all cruelty-free and follow one or more of the attributes, halal, vegan, organic, sustainable and clean.

Rūt Essentials was born from the inspirational personal journey of founders, Adnan Adada and Nour Khodr. Nour, who was surrounded by nature since childhood and learned from her grandmothers the fundamentals of natural living; from Olive grove and Pine seed harvesting to traditional soap making. Adnan, who’s determination to find a solution to boost his mental health led him to source a selection of essential oils with the help of his family.

Initially ignited by need, but then fueled by passion and a quest to make available the very best solutions to as many people as possible, Adnan and Nour have worked tirelessly to responsibly source the highest quality of 100% pure natural oils and make them widely available at an accessible price and with flexible recommendations to incorporate into everyday life, both enhancing mental approach and offering health and beauty-boosting solutions.

Each brand is cherry picked by Project bYouty with an aim to educate its consumers on the importance of making informed decisions that will aid in one’s overall well-being (emotional, physical and mental), what it means to society and why it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the future generation shifting the mindset of the audience from simply a consumer to a conscious consumer.

Rūt Essentials is available to purchase on and prices start from AED37 to AED125


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