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Benchmark of Service Excellence: Les Clefs d’Or newest International President is Fairmont Doha’s

Chief Concierge of Fairmont Doha, Randy Santos is the newly appointed International President of Les Clefs d’Or

Chief Concierge of Fairmont Doha, Randy Santos has been appointed International President of Les Clefs d’Or, this world-renowned achievement follows years of dedication to his craft. As President of Les Clefs d’Or, Randy Santos will be the head of the Executive Committee which is elected to manage and run the association in accordance with its statutes.

As Chief Concierge at Fairmont Doha Randy Santos serves as the key point of contact for guests and VIPs throughout their stay, providing first class service and comprehensive information about the property and the local vicinity, he is also responsible for ensuring his concierge team operate at the highest standard. Randy Santos has previously held the position of 1st International Vice President, Union Internationale Des Concierges Hotels – UICH Les Clefs dÓr International, and Founder & Past President of Qatar Concierge Society and Les Clefs dÓr Qatar.

Les Clefs d’Or is a renowned association of the cream of the crop of concierges from all around the world aspiring to be a member of this elite group. Those who are a part of Les Clefs d’Or have the skills and contacts to provide guests with the services that no others can.

Les Clefs d’Or, or The Golden Keys, is a professional association of hotel concierges with around 4,000 members working in over 80 countries. Easily identified by the golden crossed keys on their lapels, members of Les Clefs d’Or are an elite, globally connected group committed to exceptional standards for guest service. Les Clefs d’Or has roots dating back to 1929 but was officially founded in France in 1952. The pillars of the organisation are service and friendship, and before earning the right to wear the coveted golden keys those who aspire to become members must have several years of experience as a hotel concierge and prove beyond doubt that they can deliver the highest quality service.

Hani Akkari, General Manager for Fairmont Doha said “We are incredibly proud that Randy Santos has been appointed International President of Les Clefs d’Or. To have an exemplary leader whose accolades have been recognized by UICH Les Clefs d’Or is a feat worthy of celebration. Clefs d'Or Concierges are motivated by a genuine desire to serve their guests and this honour is reflective of the care that Randy and his team take to ensure that the guest’s safety, well-being and quality of stay is of the highest standard.

The luxurious five-star Fairmont Doha contains 270 rooms, 92 suites, 4 themed suites and 1 presidential suite, all inspired by the interiors of luxury mega yachts. With gold mosaic wall tiling, the rooms present an outstanding visual spectacle with rounded and curved walls.

Fairmont Doha will surprise guests with its grandeur from the moment they step through the doors. Taking centre place in the lobby will be a 56.5m high crystal chandelier.

Fairmont Gold members will have access to their own pool bar and dedicated loungers at the pool, as well as both indoor and outdoor dining spaces, social events and butler service.

A 360-wellness community focus, powered by fitness and enhanced by the spa, is a mainstay of the Fairmont Doha experience. With state-of-the-art fitness blended with regeneration technologies, guests can expect the finest wellness and activity offerings, including a climbing wall, immersive spin classes, indoor lap pool and yoga rooms.


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