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Boucheron Bohème Novelties


In 1968, an exquisite creature came out of the Boucheron workshops. Serpent Bohème's mesmerizing jeweler's dance had begun; the dance that would never end. With its head evoked by a subtle droplet shape and its chiseled body rippling under its golden scales, this reptile has come to stand out as a mesmeric classic in the Maison's repertoire, and a testament to the expert craftsmanship of the Boucheron jewelers. Although, over the years, its aura of mystery has always enveloped women of character, the motif has taken some liberties: it has snaked its way from pendant to bracelet, from ear-jewel to ring, from watch to headband, sometimes exchanging its diamond paving for colored stones, turquoise, white mother-of-pearl or lapis lazuli. And now, intense carnelian has been added to its bewitching palette. This fiery mineral with its infinite variations of red and orange seems to glow. It is like a beating heart, an invitation to a promise of vitality. Like Boucheron women, Serpent Bohème has panache, but is still gentle, and it has never been so free.


Serpent Bohème is first and foremost a subtle mix of materials worked with an extraordinary virtuosity. A series of codes renewed this season by the soft vivacity of cornelian.

The head? A delicate drop crowned with gold beading and inset with cornelian.

Its honeycomb structure allows the light to softly pass through the red stone.

And, as if to bring this drop alive, a body of gold sculpted by the jeweler craftsmen who animate the material to reveal languid, sinewy scales.

The bohemian creation is further delicately enhanced by a twisted chain, one of the Maison's hallmark features, and here finer than ever.


These carnelian earrings inset with yellow gold or combined with sparkling diamond paving are like two red amulets, beautifully sublimating the face.

Yellow gold, cornelian and diamonds pendant earrings, XS and L motifs

Yellow gold, cornelian and diamonds pendant earrings, XS and L motifs


Mounted on a finely twisted ring or lengthened by a body of sculpted scales, the red stone sets the yellow gold aglow and becomes two heads of a snake or just one.

Yellow gold and cornelian ring, S motif

Yellow gold and cornelian two-stone ring, S motifs


Serpent Bohème sixteen times over? That is what you will find in this long yellow gold necklace that alternates red cornelian drops with fine diamond-paved droplets.

Yellow gold, diamonds and cornelian 16 motifs, long necklace

XS pendant and bracelet

Carnelian is also used with the XS motif, coming in pendant or bracelet form. A touch of life combined with the iconic twisted chain in yellow gold, and embellished by a round-set diamond.

Yellow gold, 1 diamond and cornelian pendant, XS motif

Yellow gold, cornelian and 1 diamond bracelet, XS motif


This white gold and diamond bracelet features a chain of discreet, stylish Serpent heads.

About Boucheron

Created by Frederic Boucheron in 1858, Boucheron is built through four generations of direct descendants. Visionary designer and first of the great contemporary jewelers to open a boutique on Place Vendôme, Boucheron embodies excellence in Jewelry, High Jewelry and Watchmaking. The Boucheron style, free and audacious, continues to create the classics of tomorrow. There are currently more than 61 Boucheron boutiques across the world. Boucheron is part of the global Luxury group Kering.

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