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In 2004, it all began with a ring. Grosgrain, Double Godron, line of diamonds and Clou de Paris: four motifs from the Boucheron archives, which on the face of it were all very different, were brought together to create a unique design. Urban and graphic, the Quatre collection draws on the Maison's heritage to capture its essence and become the contemporary Boucheron signature. An icon, a symbol of strength and protection. And for good reason - its weight in gold is the biggest of the Place Vendôme rings.

This season, the Maison presents the Quatre Double White Edition collection, adorning all the codes of its icon in white. Grosgrain and Double Godron are sculpted in white gold, while the Clou de Paris in pristine Hyceram sits alongside the line of diamonds. Rings, hoop earrings, necklaces and, the collection's flagship piece, a daring piece of hair jewellery, Quatre Double White Edition combines monochrome strength with style. Like a blank page held out to those who wear it. Through the Basic not Basic campaign, ambassadors Alexa Chung, Rola, Youn-Jung Go and Mila Al Zahrani are embracing this new classic. With their help, the Quatre Double White Edition line is already becoming a must-have in the jewellery wardrobe. Don't miss out!


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