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Boucheron True Stories PODCAST new episode Maharajah of Patiala

Historian Vincent Meylan recounts

the most fabulous order ever recorded in Place Vendôme

in the latest True Stories podcast from Boucheron

Created in 2020, the True Stories podcast channel is an invitation to delve into the most iconic stories of the Maison Boucheron since its inception 164 years ago, with the first 5-episode series For Better and For Worse being dedicated to the most incredible weddings the Maison has witnessed.

As it launches its new High Jewelry Histoire de Style, New Maharajahs collection in January 2022, Boucheron is releasing a new episode about the historic commission given by the Maharajah of Patiala in 1928, the many designs of which inspired Creative Director Claire Choisne to offer a reinterpretation of it. Symbols of power at the time, today these unique creations allow men and women to express their style and uniqueness.

Recognized as the most important in the history of Place Vendôme, this special order is recounted with passion by historian Vincent Meylan: "On that August morning in 1928, the Maharajah was surrounded by warriors just as imposing as himself, carrying iron chests. Louis Boucheron, who received them in the boutique at 26 Place Vendôme, found that these chests contained an extraordinary treasure: 7,500 diamonds, more than 1,500 enormous emeralds, rubies, pearls, etc. At the Maharajah's request, Maison Boucheron was to create a fabulous set of 149 designs."

These designs were subsequently carefully archived and preserved in the Maison's library.

This new episode of Boucheron True Stories will be available in French and English from January 24th, 2022 on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and Spotify.


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