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Make this Friendship Day a special one by creating a wonderful memory with Rasasi Perfumes, one of the leading fragrance houses within the region.

A favoured scent is known to be personal, with each one’s journey being unique and intrinsically linked to one’s personality. With this in mind, Rasasi offers an assortment of exclusive fragrances, essences and perfume oils, to suit the very discerning choices of patrons of oriental alchemy and provide for the ultimate gift to further nourish the pure bond of friendship.

Qasamat Collection – Rasana, Bareeq, Ebhar & Morhaf

The Qasamat is a series of fragrances inspired by the rich perfumery traditions of the Middle East. The opulent and enigmatic mystique of oriental notes finds a contemporary expression in four unique scent journeys. These perfumes celebrate the love for bling as a language of self-expression and an irresistibly infectious joie de vivre.

Hawas for Him & Her

Two of Rasasi’s best sellers, Hawas for him & her are fresh, elegant and woody perfumes that combine a mix of premium contemporary notes to yield a sensational fragrance. The Hawas for him highlights notes of sandalwood, cedar wood and musk together with a variety of fruity freshness while the Hawas for her highlights a combination of fruity flavours and vibrant citrus notes.


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