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Celebrate the Magic of Love with Rasasi Perfumes

Surprise loved ones this year with the ultimate fragrance from the heritage brand

When it comes to gifts for special occasions, there are an endless number of options to choose from however, perfumes are always said to be at the top of the list. No matter the occasion, whether it be an anniversary celebration or a birthday party for family or friends, the gift of a fragrance is loved by all as it is versatile and can also evokes a sense of emotion for its user. The gift of a fragrance also shows that you have put in thought into who the recipient is and what they might like, whether you’d like it to be worn daily or be saved for special occasions and more.

This Valentine’s Day, Rasasi Perfumes, one of the foremost fragrance houses within the region highlights a couple of their best-selling perfumes as the perfect surprise for loved ones.

The Junoon Collection

The Junoon collection is a trilogy of niche fragrances inspired by one’s obsession for finesse and luxury. Incorporating the best of internationally trending niche notes, Rasasi’s quest for olfactory perfection finds expression in this precious collection of extraordinary aromas.

Junoon Satin, the first edition of the series is a voyage of refinement and subtlety through the Middle Ages. The Pour Homme adds an alluring mystery to a confident and charismatic man that makes him irresistible while the Pour Femme is the scent of elegance, freshness and purity.

Junoon Velvet, the second edition within the series is a throwback to the 13th century. The Pour Homme is a warm and sensuous fragrance that spells confidence and stature while the Pour Femme is one of royalty and feminine refinement. Junoon-Leather, the third edition of Junoon series is inspired by leather, a material as ancient as the mankind itself. The Pour Homme is a scent of power, strength and stature while the Pour Femme is unique and elegant manifestation of the chic modern woman.

The Nebras Al Ishq Collection

Nebras Al Ishq is a unisex line of three fragrance oils – Shorouk, Wahaj and Noor. An ode to modern love, the line reveals different facets of love, each hugely unique but also complimentary to one another. The line is inspired by a passion for additive gourmand notes entwined with the opulence of precious Oud.

Intensely captivating and enthralling- Nebras Al Ishq Noor blends together enigmatic dark nuances of rose and oud with spicy cardamom in perfect harmony, while the Nebras Al Ishq Shorouk is inspired by the aroma of the Mediterranean, exuding a mesmerizing, sophisticated freshness and finally the Nebras Al Ishq Wahaj is a tribute to beauty and radiance.


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