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Celebrate the season of giving with Forrey & Galland

Treat your loved ones to Forrey & Galland’s exclusive Ramadan Collection

With Ramadan celebrations in full swing, this season is centred around giving. In light of the special occasion, Forrey & Galland has launched an exclusive Ramadan collection to gift your friends and family at their Iftar gatherings.

The collection combines art with high-end culinary innovation to bring you a range of luxury gift sets throughout the holy month of Ramadan. From irresistibly decadent assorted dates to hand-crafted chocolates and charmingly shaped cookies made just for the season, this elegant collection is the perfect gesture to express your appreciation to your loved ones this Ramadan.

Within this exclusive collection, Forrey & Galland has also launched a brand new range of special dates. Forrey & Galland’s culinary artisans have combined a unique decadent date paste recipe and a range of rich flavours to indulge in this season including rose, almond, pistachio, orange and halwa, making for an irresistible treat for your friends and family to break their fast with.

Every detail in the Ramadan collection has been considered right down to the elegant presentation. The exquisite blue and gold intricate patterns running through the collection are an ode to beautiful Persian textiles, handwoven designs and delicate silk patterns. Each handcrafted gift box by Forrey & Galland is also designed to last forever, doubling up as storage to keep your most beloved treasures in, making for a thoughtful gift to surprise your loved ones.

Forrey and Galland pride themselves on using only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, combining classic French traditions with the local culture to produce a fine collection of sweet treats with a unique touch.

Celebrate the special people in your life this Ramadan season by choosing from the exquisite range of Forrey & Galland’s exclusive Ramadan collection:

Prestige Coffret Gift Selection - AED 2,100

The must-have gift for the season includes decadent handmade cookies, Arabic sweets and dates packed in a stunning 3 drawer box, complete with intricate details that are a nod to beautiful Persian textiles.

Green Tray with Dates-AED 605

Bursting with unique flavours, this luxury tray of Assorted Khidri dates are an irresistible treat displayed in a beautiful green tray, ready to bring out at your next Iftar gathering.

Crafted Wooden Box - AED 995

Get your very own personalised message engraved on this crafted wooden box, which contains a luxury assortment of royal dates, khidri dates and ajwa dates.

Lantern Cookies - AED 70

Charmingly shaped lantern cookies that come in both date and fig flavours crafted especially for the Ramadan season.

Ramadan Hamper - AED 1,238

Treat your loved ones to an assortment of our decadent sweet treats with the special addition of Maison Berger’s Lampe Berger, a home fragrance designed to bring a fresh scent into your home.

Chocolate Tablet - AED 65

An irresistibly smooth milk chocolate bar, complete with your very own personalised engraved message as a sweet gesture to your loved ones.

Forrey & Galland’s complete Ramadan Collection is available in-store at Dubai Mall and online: The Dubai Mall Lower Ground Financial Center Rd Dubai, UAE


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