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Bil Arabi Fine Jewelry has curated the quintessential jewelry guide to commemorate Eid Al Fitr. Eid is a special time for those celebrating where time spent with loved ones is an appreciation of connection with one another. Whether you’re looking to uplift your own Eid attire with stand-out statement jewelry pieces or looking for a genuine gift that will express your love and admiration, the guide has something to offer everyone.

Bil Arabi Fine Jewelry curated the perfect guide for this Eid. In celebration of the Eid holiday, Bil Arabi Fine Jewelry has handpicked its timeless pieces to make this edit. Eid is all about dressing up and

gathering with family and friends. There’s no better occasion to put on your finest jewelry.

This edit features pieces from the Mina Collection, the NASJ Collection and the Nujum Collection. Dominated by bright colors, the Mina collection reflects the brand’s rich identity, featuring pieces made with customizable Arabic letters, words, names, and proverbs. The NASJ collection is inspired by Arabesque architecture with a colorful and contemporary twist. The collection depicts arabesque architecture with calligraphy, geometrical patterns, and motifs to create beautiful jewelry. Inspired by the stars in our skies, the Nujum collection is made of gold, diamonds, and colorful enamels.

This guide includes some of Bil Arabi’s most iconic collections that exude culture and heritage, all in celebration of the Eid holiday.


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