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Fabergé is introducing two limited-edition eggs to its objet d’art collection, which pay homage to its rich heritage, fusing the iconic egg with the celebrated flower studies for which Peter Carl Fabergé was renowned. ​The Fabergé Wild Strawberry Egg and Fabergé Water Lily Egg are each destined to become future heirlooms and, limited to just 10 numbered editions per design, are collectors’ pieces which truly celebrate the beauty of nature and the past, present and future of Fabergé.

Crafted entirely by hand using time-honoured techniques, the creation of these unique egg objets was overseen by Fabergé Workmaster, Dr. Marcus Mohr. In close collaboration with his small team of craftspeople in Pforzheim, Germany, Mohr has been working with Fabergé since the Maison was re-launched in 2009.​ Mohr explores new and innovative ways to bring historical craftsmanship into the 21st century, with a focus on the craft of guilloché enamelling – although the core processes of this art form have remained largely unchanged for 130 years.​

Peter Carl Fabergé was considered a genius of the ancient technique of enamelling, offering over 145 new colours, and establishing himself as a true pioneer in the field, a legacy that the Maison proudly continues today. Enamelling is a seemingly magical process by which powdered coloured glass is bonded to a surface via heat of around 800 degrees centigrade – it’s a delicate art, a few seconds too long in the kiln and the piece will need to be re-started from scratch. This highly complex and delicate technique requires great skill and many years of experience.​

Fabergé’s craftspeople have meticulously hand-painted the unique coloured enamelling powder onto each of the egg objets. It takes at least three layers and five firings in the kiln to create the desired translucent effect, to best showcase the beauty of the light reflecting off the enamel and the depth of the detail that lies beneath.

The Fabergé 18k Yellow Gold Red Guilloché Enamel Egg Objet with Wild Strawberry Surprise is decorated with a vibrant red guilloché enamel ‘shell’ and opens to reveal a charming wild strawberry surprise sitting upon an 18k yellow gold guilloché base. Standing 75mm high, the egg is mounted on a stand crafted from carved aventurine and includes a responsibly sourced Gemfields Mozambican cabochon ruby button. The surprise itself is an 18k yellow gold strawberry plant. Each strawberry is hand-painted with red enamel. 18k yellow gold leaves are enamelled in green and at the heart of the plant is a single flower, comprised of six Akoya cultured pearl petals with a yellow sapphire centre. A special detail is the gold rim that encircles the guilloché plate: the gold has been worked by hand into an organic serrated pattern, echoing the shape of the leaves. The base of the object opens into a fluted gold setting. This is a surface structure typical of Fabergé, sophisticated in its workmanship and at the same time a dynamic handmade motif.

The Fabergé 18k Yellow Gold Blue Guilloché Enamel Egg Objet with Water Lily Surprise stands at 77mm high. It includes a responsibly sourced Gemfields Zambian emerald square cut button and sits upon a carved nephrite base. The waterlily itself is formed from a hand-carved Peruvian pink opal set with diamonds and 18k yellow gold and is mounted on a leaf which has been enamelled in a dark green colour. The waterlily is fixed upon a guilloché 18k yellow gold disc.

Marcus Mohr says: “What I find fascinating about the work, is the orchestration of a number of specialists – or rather soloists. Each of these soloists is part of a centuries-old tradition that is in danger of being forgotten today. Fabergé keeps this tradition alive by amalgamating challengingly beautiful designs and concepts with the possibilities of the finest craftsmanship. These objects conserve culture and tradition and preserve them for eternity. This is a passion that my great-grandfather, a contemporary of Peter Carl Fabergé himself, passed down to me. Today, it is my mission to continue this legacy and to ensure that these traditions are passed down to the next generation.”

Fabergé has always looked to nature for inspiration. One of the most infamous examples of this is the iconic Winter Egg of 1913. The enchanting rock crystal egg opened to reveal a basket of delicate white anemones inside, a beautiful representation of the first blooms emerging after a winter frost.​

A Fabergé strawberry flower study, c.1900 (pictured below) recently came up for auction at Christie’s. Part of Harry Woolf’s extensive Fabergé collection, the study sold for £325,000 on 29th November 2021, demonstrating the enduring appeal and investment opportunity of Fabergé creations.​​

Fabergé, St. Petersburg, circa 1900​. Image courtesy of Christie’s

The Limited-Edition Edition Fabergé 18k Yellow Gold Red Guilloché Enamel Egg Objet with Wild Strawberry Surprise and Limited-Edition Fabergé 18k Yellow Gold Blue Guilloché Enamel Egg Objet with Water Lily Surprise ($43,000/£39,120) are available to purchase at selected Fabergé boutiques and on For more information or to book a virtual or in-person appointment, please contact


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