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Charm your guests with these key pieces from Forever Rose London 

What makes a good tea party distinguishable is how well the table is set up. From the pastries you bake, to the teas you serve and most importantly, the flowers you pick to accompany them. Channel your inner Alice and decorate your tea party to suit your wonderland fantasies. 

With these key pieces to compliment your otherworldly aesthetics and eccentric tendencies, your party will be bound to be a memorable affair. 

1. The Henry Vase arrangement with Forever Roses is the idyllic piece to grace any entrance and a delightful welcoming sight to your guests. 

2. An integral piece in your setup, the Vintage Trunk is the perfect centrepiece to your table. Overflowing with flowers of the season, it will add a mystical and dreamy elegance to your tea party. 

3. Filled with heavenly pieces of chocolate, the Coco Soho mesmerises your tastebuds. It will never fail to enchant your guests with its elegant black velvet box topped with beautiful Forever Roses. 

4. Almost as if it belongs there, the Vintage Hat Box will provide a sophisticated refinement to your party. This classical piece is fit to accompany your pastel pastries and delicate cupcakes. Perfect beside colourful macarons, it soon becomes quite a pertinent decoration on your table. 

5. Last but not least, the Bella Rose (Pretty Pink), is the ideal charmer for every tea party. Classic and poised in its glass dome, the Bella Rose’s alluring presence enthrals everyone at the table. Pretty in its lovely pale pink, it is deserving of a spot next to your steaming cups and lively chatter. 


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