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Chef Akmal’s 11 Woodfire

A Woodfire Ingredient Immersion: Ignite your culinary curiosity at Chef Akmal’s 11 Woodfire, showcasing heritage cooking at its finest

Savour the vibrant flavours from traditional woodfire cooking techniques, all grounded in an earthy soulfulness at this unique dining destination

Discover the origins of woodfire cooking and a new kind of hospitality at 11 Woodfire, coming to Dubai later this month. In collaboration with Atelier House Hospitality, 11 Woodfire celebrates the earth’s natural bounty and community. The core philosophy centres around a warming fire – a place to gather, connect and share honest, clean food with friends, family and loved ones.

Located in an alluring villa on Jumeirah Beach Road, the restaurant is elevated, yet comfortable, chic but casual, welcoming guests into an environment that oozes character and conviviality, with a sleek and contemporary edge.

“We are thrilled to partner with 11 Woodfire to bring such a unique dining concept to the region,” said Ahmass Fakahany, CEO and Founder of Atelier House Hospitality. “Chef Akmal is a long-term friend and a special talent in culinary innovation. Together we are bringing this vision around his heritage to life.”

A passion project with a deep and warm sense of nostalgia, 11 Woodfire is a personal place driven by memories, stories and people, and it embodies the restaurant’s phenomenal chef Akmal Anuar who is at the helm of this new culinary destination. Chef Akmal, a much-loved and hugely respected chef and restauranteur, started his culinary career early in life working on his parent’s hawker stall in Singapore. He has worked with some of the finest chefs in the world, honing his skills and deepening his experience, ultimately leading him to create this exceptional concept. As the curator and culinary force behind 11 Woodfire, his unbridled passion for simplicity and authenticity shine through.

Guests can expect an enticing yet simple menu that captures the restaurant’s ethos that less is always more. The cuisine at 11 Woodfire will showcase various techniques of grill cooking with an array of wood types, which help to create and enhance flavours, matched with the freshest globally sourced ingredients and produce. As Chef Akmal puts it, “During my years of training, I never really found anything more interesting than the simplicity of natural flavours. It’s a personal development of the palate and memory to combine and achieve the best pairing taste.”

Showcasing an extensive selection of dishes including meat, vegetable, and seafood options, diners will be hard pressed to choose at 11 Woodfire. Enjoy delicious meat dishes including Wagyu kebab with fresh bread and truffle or a divine Australian T-bone steak. Choose from a selection of seafood including king crab with lemon butter or seabass with a hay salted crust and tamarind. Both familiar and unique flavours await, enveloped by the distinct tastes of woodfire and accompanied by unique seasonal ingredients.

A sensory journey from start to finish, 11 Woodfire invites you to explore a myriad of different textures, tastes, smells, and sounds while you experience cooking techniques passed down from forefathers that enhance primal tastes, drawn from the glowing embers of an open fire. Immerse yourself in 11 Woodfire’s orchestrated experience, whilst enjoying signature drinks, relaxing in a warm atmosphere that encourages curiosity and conversation.

11 Woodfire is committed to zero waste and sustainable practices. Its planet-friendly ethos underscores its food philosophy and environmental responsibility in its kitchen and across its vendors and purveyors.


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