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In a season where everything is about joy, glitter and sparkles, surprise your loved ones with some of the signature Rasasi fragrances. Being one of the leading perfume houses of the region, Rasasi has the ultimate and exquisite range of fragrances that are sure to suit the preference of one and all and make them feel oh-so special, merry and bright.

LaYuqawam - Tobacco Blaze, Pour Homme and LaYuqawam - Jasmine Wisp, Pour Femme

In Tobacco Blaze, the signature leather accord of the LaYuqawam masculine series melts with audacious aldehydic notes fashioning a perfume which is warm, dark and intense while the Jasmine Wisp has a distinctive white floral and vanilla scent, laced with generous ambery pear juice and hints of citrus along with appetizing notes of Bourbon vanilla, coumarine and maltol giving the scent a gourmand touch.

Junoon Satin – Pour Homme and Junoon Satin - Pour Femme

The spicy floral notes with a splendorous oriental bouquet of Junoon – Satin, Pour Homme adds an alluring mystery to a confident and charismatic man while Junoon - Satin, Pour Femme is the scent of elegance, freshness and purity with fresh and heady floral notes and warm woody base notes inflected with precious white musks and sweet vanilla.

Sotoor Seen

Sotoor Seen is a fresh, luminous, and precious unisex fragrance that opens on lusciously inviting fruity notes. The clean and fresh floral tenor of the perfume is carried into the heart with lily-of-the-valley and orange flowers, while rose with just a touch of honey lends it a dreamy succulence.

Attar Al Boruzz – Lamaat Musk Tabriz

Lamaat Musk Tabriz is a captivating unisex fragrance as pure and enduring as a desert sunrise. Harnessing only prized ingredients from around the world, this rich and potent blend of fruity accents and dry woody notes is warmed by soft spices that radiate with an unmistakable intensity. An expression of timeless allure.


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