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Cuffs and Rings Capture Me

The Capture Me Collection is enhanced and renews its desirable charm. A bewitching seduction is opening up on innovative and rock ‘n roll jewellery. Cuffs and rings explore the now iconic triangular motto of the collection for a winning combination.

Faithful to its rebel spirit, AKILLIS goes all out to support aesthetics that are not suffering from established diktats. Cuffs and rings emancipate the allure.

Never where you expect it, the Capture Me collection enables each person to express their uniqueness.

White gold Ring 78 diamonds 0,40 cts, 8,55 gr

Rings and cuffs showcase a personalized style with variable geometry, signature identity of the Capture Me collection.

Anti-academic,they play on the opening or closing effect, while flirting with insolent ambiguity and ambivalence.

Two alternatives in terms of jewellery for a successful double score.

White gold Cuff 303 diamonds 3,76 cts, 30,55 gr

Between the cuff and the ring, a refined and rock n’ roll dialogue is set forth with ultra-modernity.Their shapes are an echo, as well as being in opposition, finally completing each other. Each model offers a peep of skin, flattering the contrasted effect between sparkling diamonds and nude carnal charm.

This unbridled creativity is an open invitation to strong optical effects: the diamond triangles bounce back their graphic shapes in a playful game of mirrors that multiplies their brilliance.

White gold Open Cuff 390 diamonds 4,44 cts, 34 gr

Capture Me rings and cuffs circle the finger or the wrist, in order to free gestures and movements. Thanks to the outstanding know-how of the AKILLIS workshops, these jewellery pieces are designed with a state-of-the art technique, making them at the same time, manageable, practical and comfortable on a daily basis. Nothing stops creation.

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