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Damas, the house of jewellery design, launches a new identity in Qatar

Damas, house of jewellery design, reveals its highly awaited new identity at the opening of its prestigious boutique at the Place Vendôme Mall in Lusail, Qatar. A second concept boutique is scheduled to open its doors in July in The Mall of Qatar, with four more stores anticipated to open in the near future.

Two years ago, Damas embarked on a transformational journey in line with its vision “from the region to the region” by reinventing itself into the ultimate house of jewellery design in the Middle East and offering today’s modern woman an unparalleled customer experience. As part of this revamp, and keeping with its long-established storytelling legacy and DNA, the brand shifted to design-led collections, based on worldwide and local jewellery trends, and keeping the Arab woman as its main inspiration and muse, offering collections that instill happiness, empowerment, and confidence.

The brand continues to develop innovative retail offerings, all while preserving its social responsibility and deep-rooted Arabic heritage and identity.

Damas is honored to continue growing and expanding its stores in Qatar, presenting a major milestone and myriad new opportunities for the company’s operations in the country - a country that is both proud of its culture and heritage, as well as pioneering and progressive in various fields. Damas is pleased to offer its trendsetting-yet-culturally rooted Qatari customers a captivating sensory experience focused on inspirational collections. The jewellery house is well-equipped to bring exquisitely diverse jewellery offerings to Qatar’s booming luxury sector thanks to a wildly successful and highly established presence across nine countries and 180 stores in the Gulf region. Among its new objectives is catering to an important segment of Qatar’s burgeoning retail clientele, namely millennials and Gen Z.

Damas’s new redesigned concept boutique is inspired by a natural palette of sand, beige and gold. Dubbed “écrin”, the boutique functions as a walk-in jewellery case, showcasing the house’s exclusive and opulent creations within a masterfully designed space. Dedicated lounges and corners of the boutique bring a haven of calm and peace with curving walls and artful, softly rounded furniture, embodying the graceful movement of the region’s desert dunes. Damas’s roots are clearly exhibited in the Arabic patterns that grace earth-toned walls and that the brand carefully revisited, bringing bold and contemporary refinement that fits its trailblazing vision.

With these boutique launches, Damas is introducing to the Qatari market heritage-inspired collections and everyday exquisite fine jewellery. Cohabitating the space with the brand’s most coveted in-house pieces are international brands such as FOPE. Boutique visitors will find crafted to perfection exclusive and bespoke pieces in different styles, from the classic to the avant-garde to the ultra-feminine. Among these collections are the mesmerizing Alif, the house’s core collection that embodies women’s achievements, Dome with its regal elegance of Arabic architectural elements, and Lace with its intricate, arabesque-inspired pieces. Designed with the Arab woman at their heart, these collections are an ode to the region’s pioneering ladies: the confident, the bold, the tender, the delicate, the traditional, the modern, and every woman with her own unique tastes and desires.


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