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de Gournay - Paradise Lost in the Heart of Beirut

An eye-catching tablescape at the new de Gournay Beirut showroom grandiosely presents an uncovered bliss — inviting all to gaze upon the lavish scenery of dreamt exotic lands.

Canvassed over the walls lays the scenic wallpaper, “Paradise Lost”. Hand-painted with utmost precision using opulent colors, this display is a tropical haven from the world. Inspired by 19th-century explorations, “Paradise Lost” embodies the elysian that many sought out to discover, “El Dorado”.

The Pseudo Tobacco Leaf dinner service is bold yet elegant as it showcases de Gournay’s porcelain artistry. Inspired by the late 18th- century, the Pseudo Tobacco Leaf dinner service features sliced pomegranates and hibiscuses against a polychromatic array of leaves. Popular during the Qianlong period, this chinaware has maintained its longstanding legacy through the harmonious collaboration of de Gournay’s honed craft with clients’ reinterpretations.

The ornate vase dates back to the late 18th-century. The elaborate design adorning it, which depicts traditional Chinese flora, tastefully contrasts with its chaste color palette. A vibrant peacock stands proud at the forefront, boasting its beauty as it was a renowned symbol of dignity and elegance.


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