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Dries Van Noten’s Verdant Elegance With' Santal Greenery'

Dries has been exploring in his collections for decades. Previously woven into the subconscious of the designer’s vision, now scent - and more importantly, how it makes us feel - is front and centre in this collection of fragrances. Each perfume interprets and shares their own creative vision of the brand’s unexpected olfactive universe with Santal Greenery being the perfect transitioning scent.

The fragrance is a beautiful blend of complimentary notes that leave the wearer feeling revived yet still very serene with the sandalwood and white musk singing through as base notes. With Santal Greenery, the addictive and elegant nature of the scent is elevated by the top and heart notes, encompassing this scent to be one to add to the perfumery.

Santal Greenery’s notes are broken down into three intricate yet detailed layers. On immediate application, the lightness of the top notes, Bergamot and Grapefruit pierce through. Once settled on the applicators skin, the warmth richness of the Violet Leaves and Creamy Fig Accord heart notes sing, which beautifully settle on the skin. To top it all off, Sandalwood and White Musk are the chosen base notes, marking the longevity and true rich quality that Dries Van Noten wish to exude in the perfume. A Note from The Perfumer Dries Van Noten called upon perfumer Nisrine Grillié to create the outdoorsy Santal Greenery eau de parfum.

Speaking on the scent, Grillié commented that the scent is “the union of two opposites, yet perfectly and poetically balanced: resilient sandalwood with the lively, green leaf of fig - the everlasting and the ephemeral together.” The Bottle Santal Greenery showcases the delicate white opaque glass bottle decorated and contrasted beautifully with a sumptuous vegetation green print. The secondary packaging is made from an innovative technique allowing a completely original and bespoke design using renewable and biodegradable natural wood fibres from carefully chosen well-managed forests.

Santal Greenery is part of a collection of Dries Van Noten’s fragrances that are contradictory, rule-breaking and game changing genderless fragrances which still pay homage to traditional perfumery gestures with bottles inspired by apothecary vials. --- About Dries Van Noten Dries Van Noten lives near Antwerp in a home surrounded by a magnificent garden which continues to inspire his collections. A Belgian designer from a family of tailors, he graduated from Antwerp’s prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He became one of the acclaimed Antwerp Six, when they arrived in London to launch their eponymous labels in 1986.

His menswear and womenswear collections have since garnered a truly global following. His work is internationally celebrated and he has received many leading accolades including the honour of Officier del’ Ordre des Arts et des Lettres awarded by the French Ministry of Culture in 2014


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