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To celebrate and support our community, dunhill introduces ‘dunhill Community: Live’; a weekly series of open and engaging conversations between Creative Director Mark Weston and members of the dunhill Community – hosted on Instagram Live every Friday at 16:00 GMT.

Embracing collaborators of the House from a range of artistic fields including film, TV, art, music and more; ‘dunhill Community: Live’ aims to inspire, educate and entertain our followers, offering an insight into the current projects, motivations and interests of each guest; spotlighting their work for viewers to enjoy, but also as a crucial means to support.

“I am excited that these live discussions will enable us to connect with our audience; taking questions, supporting and showcasing those collaborators I am proud to call our community in new, organic and maybe some surprising ways. I hope to unearth some lesser known facts about us and our collaborators, but most importantly to add some value and positivity to your everyday.” Mark Weston.

Solidarity and support is at the heart of this project. In this way, dunhill will be aligning with the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) to make a donation in assistance of their work in men’s mental health.

‘dunhill Community: Live’ will continue on Friday 8th May at 16:00 GMT, with actor Alfred Enoch.


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