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Chiva-Som is recognised as one of the early pioneers of the wellness industry, creating programmes designed to help guests achieve personal goals for optimum physical and emotional health. Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is setting the benchmark in Qatar and the region as one of the largest wellness destinations and the first and only full-immersion resort in the Middle East, founded on Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM).

The TAIM concepts and philosophies adopted at Zulal Wellness Resort derive from the ‘Canon of Medicine’, one of the cornerstones of the history of medicine written by physician-philosopher Ibn Sina in 1025, primarily expounding the Unani school of medicine. TAIM distils over a millennium of evidence-based wellness practices into a range of treatments and programmes aimed at restoring health in the 21st century. Following the essential Unani pillars of health, treatments at Zulal Wellness Resort are divided into six modalities of holistic therapies: physical fitness, diet and nutrition, physiotherapy, aesthetic beauty, spa therapies and taste of Zulal, which is an assortment of the 5 aforementioned treatments. Our signature products and nutritious cuisine are rooted in the natural bounty of Qatar, and are delivered using the freshest local ingredients, healing herbs and marine flora.

“At Zulal Wellness Resort we aim to inspire positive and enduring lifestyle changes by sharing our knowledge in long-term wellness and creating wellness concepts incorporating Islamic and Arabic tradition. TAIM guides the resort’s use of therapeutic herbs, dietary practices, mind body therapies, spiritual healing, and applied therapies. Using these practices, we are committed to supporting our guests in changing their outlook towards sustaining a balanced healthy lifestyle,” said Daniele Vastolo, General Manager of Zulal Wellness Resort.

The resort’s holistic approach and application of proprietary wellness techniques are designed to guide guests through a journey of ancient healing traditions, relaxation and movement therapies, based on a comprehensive analysis of their health and state of wellbeing. Focused on the belief that wellness is for everyone, the estate will feature a bespoke family resort, ‘Zulal Discovery’, with 120 guestrooms and suites, which anticipates the needs of the modern family. An innovative and expertly tailored range of fun, interactive age-appropriate activities will encourage families to engage with and explore the resort’s unique wellness philosophies. With 60 suites and villas, the adjacent adults-only resort, ‘Zulal Serenity’, will cater for individuals and couples with access to a wide range of therapeutic and lifestyle enhancement treatments based on traditional Arabic and Islamic wellness principles.

Sharing more on Zulal’s offering, Vastolo added: ‘The focus of the health and wellness programs at Chiva-Som is firmly placed on balancing the body, mind, and spirit. We embody this at Zulal Wellness Resort through our tailor-made, holistic programmes that provide guests with a personally designed retreat experience that includes therapeutic practices and treatments, as well as nutritional guidance.’

For guests, the lifelong journey/development of achieving optimum health begins with a consultation with the resort’s in-house wellness advisor who will guide them through their individualised holistic programme of therapies and treatments, customised meal plans and scheduled activities. When departing the resort, guests are encouraged to reach out to their advisors for additional support on their ongoing wellness journey, to ensure they are inspired to embrace the resort’s philosophy of supporting sustainable positive lifestyle habits.

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