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STELLAR DREAMERS by Ex-Nihilo is an exclusive fragrance dedicated to the visionaries and dreamers.

Inspired by the latest conquest of space, it is a hypnotic creation, turned towards the infinite. This new exclusive creation is a tribute to the iconic Bloomingdales.

Its name is an ode to creativity and refers to endless exploration and a pioneering spirit.

The design evokes the infinity of space through the double O and embodies the signature colour theme of Bloomingdales.

An irresistible leather creation twisted with a delicious fruity touch.

Perfumer Jordi Fernandez constructed it upon a leathery yet addictive sillage, with mesmerizing hints of Saffron and Rose. A sweet Amber accord surrounds the iconic Agarwood which is strengthened by a warm Vanilla. Finally, Leather notes melt into a delicious Plum, for an ultimately contemporary twist. Because the sky is not a limit, it is only the beginning.


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