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EX NIHILO The Perfect Father's Day Fragrance

THE HEDONIST is the latest addition to the Iconoclaste collection by EX NIHILO. It celebrates a technologic and luxurious journey into the wild, without any final destination. The creation is inspired by the search of the purest form of natural aesthetics.

The EX NIHILO interpretation of the classic woody olfactive family. The iconic notes of Cedar and Vetiver are twisted with a new exclusive ingredient directly derived from Bio Science: Akigalawood®. This unexpected twist gives the fragrance strength and a vibrant signature.


The name THE HEDONIST naturally refers to the hedonistic state of mind-the pursuit of happiness-associated with an exploration through nature. Enjoying life to the fullest while being close to the purest elements as an ultimate luxury experience



Self-made perfumer, Jordi didn’t follow the traditional scent learning path and has developed his very own skills. Proud of his origins, he takes inspiration from the beauty of Spanish landscapes in order to create unique sensory experiences based on well-being and happiness. Specialist of Oriental scents he has already created several iconic fragrances for EX NIHILO including BROMPTON IMMORTALS for Harrods, EXPLICITE and GOLD IMMORTALS

THE HEDONIST was created as a journey without any final destination. It was designed by perfumer Jordi Fernández without compromise, from the most sustainable and most technologically advanced ingredients including Akigalawood®: an exclusive natural captive, resulting from bio science. An energizing slice of Ginger spices up Bergamot and triggers a fresh thrill. Deep notes of Cedarwood associated with Vetiver from Haiti bring strength, while Musk melts with Akigalawood® and let an intoxicating signature on the skin. Ultimately, the supreme experience is simplicity.


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