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Fabergé Debuts the 1842 Collection

Fabergé is delighted to announce the launch of its 1842 collection, which pays homage to the year when Gustav Fabergé opened his jewellery boutique in St. Petersburg. Comprising 11 pieces, this fine jewellery collection is inspired by the gold jewellery and precious accessories Fabergé began producing in the years before the first Imperial Egg was born. Each piece showcases Fabergé’s iconic egg-shaped hallmark, in 18k yellow gold. The 1842 collection has been designed with versatility in mind – perfect for stacking and layering, and effortlessly adapting to modern life.

While it was the magnificent Imperial Easter eggs that made the House of Fabergé a world-renowned name, these represent only a fraction of its artistic creations. The Workmasters at Fabergé transformed everything from cigarette cases to clocks and picture frames into imaginative works of art. It was this trademark ability to enhance everyday objects through the application of sophisticated goldsmithing and gemstone-setting and of course its world-renowned enamelling techniques, that made Fabergé internationally famous throughout the royal courts of Europe. Popular commissions included small pieces of jewellery such as brooches, cufflinks and stickpins decorated with imperial symbols.

These smaller, more versatile, designs are what have inspired Fabergé’s new 1842 collection of fine jewellery – a contemporary range perfect for everyday use, and designed to complement the wearer’s unique, signature style. Comprising necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, each 18k gold piece embodies the legacy of Fabergé in a way that is modern, yet charming.

The 1842 collection is defined by timeless beauty, with clean lines and contemporary silhouettes, transforming Fabergé’s iconic egg shape into everyday wearable creations. The design of this Fabergé hallmark originally took its inspiration from the Cyrillic letter for F Ф – as seen in many of the house’s pre-1917 masterpieces. The oval shape was subtly tweaked to form the shape of an egg, an iconic and enduring symbol of Fabergé’s rich history. The new collection is a perfect symphony of all these design elements, celebrating the house’s past, present and future all coming together in the signature shorthand of these iconic logoed pieces making up the new Fabergé 1842 collection

Within the range of 11 pieces, all crafted from 18k yellow gold, there is a combination of delicate engraving alongside cut-out designs to create contrast. In keeping with Fabergé’s penchant for surprise, a ruby, responsibly sourced from Gemfields Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique, is hidden within. Rubies are a symbol of passion, prosperity and protection, making them the perfect secret addition to this striking new collection.

The starting price for the collection is £1,680/$1,890 and will be available to buy at and in Fabergé boutiques. Enquiries can be directed to and will be passed on to a member of the Customer Relationship Team.


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