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Fabergé Launches into Spring

Fabergé is delighted to announce the launch of some exciting new additions to its Essence collection, just in time to celebrate the vibrant colours of spring.

Inspired by the iconic Imperial Eggs, the Essence collection pays homage to Fabergé’s love of surprise and wit. Six new egg pendants, each with a little treasure hidden inside, are to join the collection ahead of Easter. These are crafted from 18k gold, and hand lacquered with pops of vibrant colour – perfect for bringing any outfit to life.

Lacquer is a delicate medium, requiring a highly skilled, patient and sensitive craftsperson. The artistic process involves coloured lacquer being delicately painted by hand onto the gold surface in a series of layers, until the perfect shade is achieved. This technique takes a day to complete.

The colours chosen for these new pendants were inspired by spring, a time when nature reawakens, and everything feels fresh and alive. The Fabergé Essence Yellow Gold Green Lacquer Anemone Surprise Locket is hand-painted in a light green lacquer, representing nature, hope and fertility. The centre of the flower is set with a yellow sapphire, and an emerald button gives it a final flourish.

The Fabergé Essence White and Yellow Gold Lacquer Teddy Surprise Lockets are available in baby pink, baby blue and light green colourways and contain complementary pink, blue and yellow sapphires, respectively. These make an enchanting gift, perfect for celebrating the birth of a child.

Fabergé’s popular Essence Heart Surprise Locket has received a colourful update, inspired by the colours of spring’s first blooms, with the new lavender lacquer pendant featuring a blue sapphire surprise, and the pink lacquer edition containing a pink sapphire surprise.

The starting price for the collection is £6,600/$7,560. It will be available to buy at and in Fabergé boutiques. Enquiries can be directed to and will be passed on to a member of the Customer Relationship Team.


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