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Fabergé Unveils the Visionnaire DTZ Dynamist Watch

Fabergé is delighted to introduce the latest addition to the Visionnaire collection, the DTZ Dynamist watch – a new creation fusing the energy of movement with an element of surprise.

The Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ Watch was previously honoured with an award at the 2016 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), within the category ‘Travel Time’, for its outstanding craftmanship enabling dual time zone functionality.

This new Visionnaire DTZ Dynamist features a movement developed exclusively for Fabergé by Agenhor, one of the top names in the horological industry; this extraordinary timepiece merges modern technology with Fabergé’s heritage and quest for innovation. The contemporary design boasts a case comprised of ceramic and titanium, complemented by a classic black fascia. Coupled with yellow gold accents, this makes for a strong and timeless colour combination.

Jean Marc Wiederrecht, Fabergé workmaster and owner of Agenhor, says: “With the Visionnaire DTZ, we have invented a completely new way of displaying a second time zone. Developing this unique integrated movement in one year was a challenge that we were able to overcome thanks to our technical knowledge, but also thanks to the passion for fascinating watchmaking shared by both Agenhor and Fabergé. This new, contemporary model of the Visionnaire DTZ watch shows that traditional watchmaking can take centre stage for avant-garde designs.”

When Peter Carl Fabergé took over the running of the family business in 1882, its output increased so rapidly and exceeded the capacity of their existing workshops; he therefore decided to establish independent workshops. The owners of these were committed to only working for the House of Fabergé; they became known as Fabergé workmasters – and were experts in their fields of craftsmanship. The extraordinary workmasters who have contributed so much to Fabergé embody a wealth of vast and varied stylistic sources of inspiration, which echo the cultural richness at the heart of the Fabergé brand. It is this inspiration which we draw upon in our contemporary jewellery and watches today.

Agenhor was bestowed the prestigious title of Fabergé workmaster in 2015. The art of turning complex horological concepts into a working reality has been the sole business of independent Genevan watchmaker Agenhor, and its founder Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, for more than 30 years.

The Visionnaire DTZ Dynamist adopts a logical and intuitive method of displaying two time zones simultaneously, perfectly suited to the lifestyle of those who need to keep track of the time in a second, distant location. The hours and minutes of the local time zone are presented by peripheral, open-worked hands rotating around a raised, decorated dome located at the centre of the dial. The hour of the second, remote time zone is viewed through an extraordinary aperture right through the centre of the watch, optically amplifying the second time zone numerals for a bold finish – a feature sure to surprise and delight.

Fabergé has seen an increasing desire from clients looking to invest in pieces that hold emotional value, and have been crafted consciously. Sustainability has increasingly become of great importance to clients, who seek unique and special creations, those which honour time, creativity and skill. With this in mind, Fabergé has focused on producing thoughtful and timeless designs, which will become future heirlooms. The Visionnaire DTZ Dynamist Watch is no exception: each watch will be made to order, to the owner’s exact specifications, which makes possible special personalised touches like engraving initials on the case-back. Fabergé will be supplying these watches in an environmentally conscious way, only making new watches on demand to reduce waste within the industry.

Aurélie Picaud, Fabergé’s Timepieces Director, says: “The beautiful and exclusive DTZ movement is at the centre of the design, related to our heritage and used to express the art of the Fabergé surprise. The new interpretation of the Visionnaire DTZ watch embraces Fabergé’s pioneering spirit and is also the result of collaboration and teamwork with our esteemed workmasters, Agenhor. The new DTZ model complements the Visionnaire collection with a design which is bold, contemporary and refined, while the yellow gold elements still add a timeless touch to the overall look.”

The design of the new Visionnaire DTZ Dynamist employs a slim bezel, complex lug construction, multi-layered dial structure, fluted crown and a linear, decorative motif radiating from the centre of the dial. To add even greater animation and theatre to the dial, the collection features a dial-side rotor, visible beneath the dial’s colour-matched sapphire crystal hour ring with applied indices. A peacock-shaped component is concealed within the movement, paying homage to Fabergé’s Peacock Egg of 1908 and their award-winning Compliquée Peacock watch.

The trademark element of fun and intrigue – a hallmark of Fabergé’s fascinating history, as established by its founder Peter Carl Fabergé’s exquisite body of work – is remarkably illustrated within the Visionnaire DTZ. The unique and intricate way in which the second time zone is only visible when the watch is seen at a right angle is a secret only the wearer will know.

The satin finish gilded dial projects decadence, while the strap is crafted in black alligator leather, ideal for everyday use. The multi-purpose nature of the piece, which allows timekeeping to run across two time-zones, signals its practicality, while the exquisite excellence in technical innovation is what ultimately makes it distinctly Fabergé. The magnifier in the centre of the piece has been specially engineered to add depth and body, taking months of research and development to perfect due to the nature of light reflection.

The Visionnaire DTZ Dynamist is made from 6924 calibre, specifically developed to fit the dimensions of the 43mm case. Numerals and hour markers are exquisitely applied on sapphire with a unique metallic treatment complemented by a dial-side rotor with black embellishment. Being water resistant for up to 50m, the watch allows the user true freedom to explore underwater.

While the AGH 6924 is a self-winding calibre with 50-hour power reserve, Fabergé has also been sure to address the main criticism of automatic watches: namely that the oscillating weight and its winding mechanism often obscure the intricacies of the movement. To address this concern, the Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ features a dial-side rotor, visible beneath the dial's colour-matched sapphire crystal hour ring with applied indices, adding extra animation and theatre to the dial. As such, the timepiece's sapphire crystal case-back offers an exceptional view of Fabergé’s watch-making prowess, in partnership with Agenhor.

The way in which Fabergé has adopted the playful sense of wonder that epitomised Peter Carl Fabergé's exquisite body of work is evidenced in one of the most whimsical, and discreet, features of the Visionnaire DTZ Dynamist. Even its owner may not see how the jumping hour of the dual time zone disc is achieved by means of a cam deep within the movement, which is engraved with a circular wheatsheaf. The lever which tracks the 60-minute rotation of the cam is part of a larger sector that has been intricately formed to resemble a peacock, a bird which frequently appears in the work of Fabergé. Once the cam completes its hourly rotation, the lever resets to its lowest point; the peacock appears to 'peck' at the wheat. This invisible bit of theatre adds a sense of wonder to the technical mastery.

This Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ Dynamist watch retails at £22,400/$29,500. To book a personal appointment to view the watch, please contact to speak with a member of the ‘By Appointment’ team.


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