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Fahad Badar succeeds in reaching the top of "Broad Peak" mountain

8,047 meters above sea level in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan

Fahad Abdulrahman Badar, a Qatari climber seeking adventure and thrill among the highest mountain peaks, and a pioneering bank executive, achieved yet another daunting sporting achievement as he succeeds in accomplishing the mean feat of climbing the peak of Broad Peak, which is 8,047 meters above sea level in the Karakoram mountains of Pakistan. Broad Peak is one of the most difficult peaks of the Pakistani "Karakoram" mountain range (whose name refers to the width of the summit), the 12th highest peak in the world, which is located on the border between China and Pakistan.

Fahad Badar began preparing for this difficult expedition immediately after his winter trip in January 2021, during which he was able to successfully climb the summit of "Ama Dablam". The Qatari climber stresses the necessity and importance of commitment, discipline, perseverance, and determination during the preparatory phase that precedes the mission, making him always ready, mentally and physically for any surmounting challenge. This is the third summit of the 8000 m that Fahad has climbed, after Mount Everest and Lhotse, making him one of the few Arabs to have climbed these peaks.

“Broad Peak seems to bring out the best—and the worst—in people. And that’s what keeps my hopes and enthusiasm alive to chart such tougher trajectories every time I select my next goal. Moreover, keeping up the Qatari flag higher at all such deadly Summits has become my ambition and with every successful Summit, I am inching closer to my dream,” highlights Fahad Badar.

Fahad Badar was injured during the descent, getting a frostbite, when he was delayed due to the rescue efforts of another climber ahead of him, as he ran out of oxygen, which led him to spend a whole night near the summit of "Broad Peak" at an altitude of 7800 m, and his location was later determined and transferred to K2 Base camp and then to the military hospital in Skardu.

For Fahad’s interesting and exhilarating mountaineering experiences, join and support Fahad Badar on social media @fahad917 – Instagram.


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