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Ferrari Portofino M: A lifestyle GT at the heart of Doha Oasis with Meshaal Shaker!

Named after a glamorous seaside resort on the Italian Riviera, The Ferrari Portofino M is more than a facelifted version or a mid-cycle upgrade to the standard Portofino that was introduced in 2017—a Prancing Horse model that replaced its sibling, the California T.

Such a light, comfortable, and beautiful lifestyle grand tourer needs to be complemented by a destination as luxurious and classy as the Doha Oasis. With its indoor experiential theme park, Qatar’s most luxurious cinema, flashy fashion stores, architectural marvels, and the world renowned five-star Banyan Tree Doha, the Doha Oasis proved to be a formidable match for the new Ferrari convertible carrying the M (short for Modificata or modified) suffix!

And if the Portofino M is intended to attract more adventurers who aim to rediscover the joy of driving a Ferrari, then, most probably, Meshal Shaker will fit the criteria! A successful sports presenter and social influencer who comes from a family of athletes, Shaker recognizes a thrilling sports car when he sees one—indeed, the front-engined GT leaves everyone in a stupor, thanks to its amazing looks and thrilling performance.

Just like the Doha Oasis that goes above and beyond fashion and luxury, the new Ferrari Portofino M is not merely a better-looking, sharper-handling alternative to the standard Portofino. Instead, it has everything it takes to provide a sensual open-door driving experience, leaving the competition in the dust.

While the new Portofino M is probably not the best-looking supercar Ferrari has ever made, it still features a modern body-colored front grille flanked by full-LED headlights, a revised air vent at wheel arch height, quad exhausts, and above all, a retractable hard-top roof that can be raised or lowered in just 14 seconds, making the lifestyle GT more secure than the car it replaces.

Inside, the beautifully crafted cabin now has more updated materials and new color combinations compared to the outgoing model. Buyers can choose leather and/or Alcantara, along with carbon-fiber and aluminum trim, while the “M” badge on the dashboard, the three-spoke steering wheel with a race-inspired style, and the supportive slim-backed seats add a touch of sportiness and exclusivity to the interior.

Not only is the new Ferrari Portofino M a feast for the eyes and the epitome of luxury, but it is also a very quick boulevard cruiser, thanks to its high-revving, twin-turbo V8 engine, delivering 620 hp and 760 Nm of torque, allowing the hardtop convertible to go from zero to 100 km/h in 3.45 seconds before hitting a top speed of 320 km/h. The Maranello team also developed a five-position Manettino with Race mode—a first for a Ferrari grand tourer—helping you to set the fastest time of the day on a sinuous track!

Aiming to sit at the more comfortable and relaxed end of the Ferrari spectrum, the new open sportster from Maranello brilliantly combines sheer elegance with driving comforts and sharpened looks, making it perfect for leisurely trips and daily errands. The Portofino M is a fast-driving car that’s full of finesse, and is a sure fit for one of the most fascinating destinations in the vibrant city of Doha—the Doha Oasis.


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