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Foam rolling for your face is now a thing according to Swedish beauty brand FOREO

Swedish beauty tech brand FOREO reveals a simple massage routine for your face that delivers the same benefits as foam rolling with amazing anti-aging results (and none of the pain!)

Fitness fads come and go, but foam rolling is here to stay. Swedish beauty-tech brand FOREO has devised a simple foam rolling routine for your face that will detoxify, de-stress and de-wrinkle all at the same time.

What is foam rolling?

Foam rolling ‘can do everything from increase flexibility, reduce muscle soreness and eliminate muscle knots.’ Scientifically speaking, it’s a type of self-myofascial release that increases blood flow to the muscles and stretches the fascia (the thin lining that wraps muscles in the body) to boost elasticity and reduce fatigue. The benefit of this technique is that you are in control, deciding which areas to target and how much pressure to apply. 

But this seemingly magical fix for muscular tension is not just something reserved for just fitness aficionados. Steve Thomson, FOREO CMO comments, “Foam rolling is well on the way to achieving its ‘cult’ status in the beauty and wellness world, transcending the gap between hardcore sport and holistic wellbeing. This got FOREO thinking - why should these benefits be limited to the body? Just as holistic health covers the wellbeing of the mind, body and spirit, equally the face shouldn’t be left out when it comes to de-stressing and detoxifying. After all, it does contain 43 of the 650+ muscles in the human body and with the iconic LUNA 2 device, you can target these muscles with a simple ‘foam rolling’ routine.”

The LUNA 2 features an innovative anti-aging mode that delivers the ultimate massage for your face. In the same way that foam rolling relaxes the muscle, straightening out knots and relieving tension, the ridged side of the LUNA 2 device channels low-frequency pulsations for a relaxing facial massage that visibly reduces wrinkles and has a contouring effect leaving skin looking lifted, plump and firm. 

To help you to boost your nighttime skincare routine, FOREO has devised 4 simple steps that should be used 3 times a week to de-stress, reset and achieve a coveted healthy glow.


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