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During the last year, the Swedish beauty powerhouse FOREO witnessed record demand for ‘Men’s Beauty Solutions’ with the increasing number of men focussed on taking care of themselves, especially during the pandemic. Gentleman, look no further - the award-winning skincare brand has answered your prayers with the launch of LUNA 3 MEN. The latest upgrade harbours all the greatness from the LUNA range, designed to meet every man’s skincare needs. Giving you a superior cleanse and facial massage all in a minute flat, and barely while lifting a finger, LUNA 3 MEN is the ultimate must-have tool in every man’s daily routine.

“What makes the LUNA 3 MEN the best is that it is both refined and powerful. Robust and sleek. Think Daniel Craig as James Bond, but as a skincare device. The LUNA 3 MEN offers a powerful transdermal pulsation massage that stimulates the facial muscles and blood flow while relaxing the skin and facial hairs and dislodges dirt and grime all at the same time. It is fast, efficient and makes you look damn good using it, all while delivering the results promised.” says Ryan Saddik, FOREO MEA General Manager.

Clean Skin in One Minute

Convenient in size and functionality, the LUNA 3 MEN is specifically designed for the busy man’s lifestyle. In less than a minute, blast away sweat and oil built up on your face and beard throughout the day, whether from a long day in the office or hitting a sweaty gym session. 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations from LUNA 3 MEN provide your face with a deeper cleanse than washing by hand, lifting away 99.5% of dirt, oil and dead skin, leaving you with a clean complexion.

Firming Facial Massage

Get ready to be the envy of your next boys night or impress your special lady on a romantic evening out with a smooth and healthy complexion. The multi-functional device works as an anti-aging facial massager. Gentle T-Sonic pulsations deliver a relaxing massage to tone and help diminish visible signs of aging.

Pre-Shave Perfection

Stand out at your next job interview or work meeting with a clean, refreshed complexion. LUNA 3 MEN delivers a deep yet gentle cleanse to prep your skin for shaving. 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations lift away up to 99.5% of build up to reduce breakouts, remove ingrown hairs, prevent razor burn, and help razor blades last up to 2x longer, giving your face the ultimate pre-shave treatment.

LUNA 3 MEN is the ultimate men’s skincare tool that takes care of your face so you don't have to. Whether you are clean shaven or a beard man, LUNA 3 MEN will provide your face with smooth, clean and toned skin in less than one minute.

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