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Silicone is a key material used in a wide range of industries including medical, aerospace, automotive and of course beauty. FOREO, the leading Swedish beauty tech brand, has just revealed its top reasons why silicone products should be an essential part of every skincare routine and how it provides a path to flawless, radiant and healthy skin. 

What exactly is silicone? 

Silicone is a human-made material created by combining the same proportion of elements of different molecular weights, better known as a synthetic polymer. Sand, being the base element of the polymer, is mixed with oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen to create a pliable, rubber-like material, which is able to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy use. In a nutshell, silicone is not connected to any chemicals and is made from all-natural elements. 

One of the reasons why FOREO named silicone as its primary material for the skincare range was because it’s incredibly gentle on the skin and suitable for even the most sensitive skin types,” says Ryan Saddik, Regional Manager MEA at FOREO.

What makes FOREO and silicone so special? 

1. It’s Ultra-Hygienic 

When it comes to cleansing your skin, there’s really no comparison to which material is the safest and cleanest option. FOREO’s award-winning line of LUNA skincare devices is made from high-grade silicone and removes up to 99.5% of dirt and oil that can contribute to adult-onset acne breakouts and has been 

proven to be more effective than washing with your hands. FOREO’s silicone is also 35x more hygienic than nylon bristles and nonporous to prevent bacteria buildup. 

2. Super Soft 

Silicone, as a material, is extra gentle on the skin so while it removes all the sebum and dead skin cells, it also smoothens and brightens the overall condition of the skin giving it that extra glow without any damage. It is crucial to find an exfoliating method that’s suitable for your skin to prevent over-exfoliating and over-drying which can, as a result, be counterintuitive - skin producing more oil to try to balance itself, and causing even more breakouts. 

3. Long-Lasting

Being made from silicone, LUNA skincare devices don’t require a brush replacement. Silicone is impressively long-lasting and while most traditional nylon facial brush heads need to be replaced every couple of months due to bacteria buildup, silicone brush heads are durable and resistant. FOREO also offers a full ten-year quality guarantee and two years’ warranty on each product. 

4. Waterproof

Silicone is one of the most frequently used sealants to achieve a fully waterproof seal. The flexible, rubbery material has high heat resistance and this is especially important for daily contact with water. Having that in mind, LUNA cleansing facial devices are even more convenient for use in the bath or while taking a shower for seamless integration into any skincare routine. 

FOREO is available online on ​ and, in-store at Sephora across the Middle East​ and is available at Harvey Nichols Dubai, Virgin Megastore, Dubai Duty-Free, Bloomingdales, and C&F Lebanon.


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