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Glaring sun, rising temperatures, high humidity, and dusty winds are all guaranteed in a Middle Eastern summer. But what effect does it have on our skin? The grueling summer can take a toll on all of us and it’s our duty to adapt our skincare routines properly to beat the heat. FOREO has your back (and your face!) with essential summertime skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and clear all summer long, for every skin type.

LUNA is Your New Best Friend!

You may experience more breakouts in the summertime with your skin undergoing drastic changes in temperature. Going from extreme heat to blasted AC can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. FOREO’s LUNA 3 gently yet effectively cleanses your face with T-sonic pulsations that offer 16 different intensities to fight off the breakouts for the grueling summer months.

Eliminate Excess Oil

In summer, your skin can go from oily to greasy. Throw in FOREO’s Micro-Foam Cleanser to your skincare routine. Gently cleanse and remove all the deep summer dirt and grime. Leaving your complexion looking nourished and natural. Combine with LUNA 3 and name a better duo?

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

We all know that drinking water is great for the skin but when it comes to Middle East summer temperatures, relying solely on water consumption isn't quite enough. FOREO’s SERUM SERUM SERUM is a hydrating yet lightweight gel that radiates and replenishes skin to restore optimal moisture levels. Maximize hydration using the massage mode on LUNA 3 to deeply infuse the serum into your skin. Combining the antioxidant power of squalane and hydrating hyaluronic acid for the smoothest, most hydrated sun-kissed complexion

Go the extra mile!

With rising summer temperatures take extra care of your skin by treating your face to something special. FOREO’s UFO activated Farm-to-Face line of masks have a wide range for all your skin-hydration needs. Whether you’re getting ready to face the sun, or coming home after a long day in the heat, FOREO’s Farm-to-Face masks are best used with FOREO UFO 2 to maximize the nutrients and benefits of your mask leaving you with flawless-looking skin

FOREO is available in all Sephora doors across the region, Namshi and


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