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Garrard - Celebrating love with Aloria

This Valentine’s Day, Garrard is shining a light on its contemporary Aloria collection. The heart-shape jewels captivate with their soft curves and radiance.

We believe all types of love should be celebrated this Valentines’ Day, whether it be a partner or a close friend. The collection reinforces the message of strength, spirit and unity that sits is at the heart of the collection.

Giving the gift of Aloria opens a world of possibilities for today and the future. Inspired by Garrard’s esteemed history of crafting versatile jewels for royalty, these playful pieces can be paired and worn in a variety of ways.

The Aloria earrings, calibré cut gemstone rings and pendants are available in a rainbow of colours, with blue sapphire, yellow and pink sapphire, ruby, emerald, and aquamarine, presenting a world of colourful possibilities.

The Aloria collection reimagines our signature Sovereign motif with playful elegance. Inspired by the setting of the Cullinan I by Garrard in the Sovereign’s Sceptre in 1910 – the most precious diamond of all time – our Aloria jewels trace the heart-shape Sovereign motif in delicate diamonds or bold calibré cut gemstones.

Versatility and wearability were central to the vision of Garrard’s designers for the collection, which also includes delicate diamond pendants and rings and for every day, alongside statement cocktail rings and diamond hair slides.

“The Aloria collection epitomises Garrard’s design ideals: exceptional craftsmanship, vibrant gemstones and adaptability of design,” says Sara Prentice, Garrard’s creative director.


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