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Garrard - Jewelled Vault

An Unveiling of Garrard’s Jewelled Vault

Bold in colour and breathtaking in design, the Jewelled Vault is home to Garrard’s most striking, unique and unusual gemstones.

With no two stones and no two designs the same, each Jewelled Vault creation is truly one of a kind – a work of art.

Honouring the innate character and unique qualities that distinguish the world’s most exceptional stones – Royal Blue sapphires, Colombian emeralds, Pigeon’s Blood rubies, Padparadscha sapphires and other rarities – each stone in the Jewelled Vault is selected for its show-stopping beauty.

The Jewelled Vault takes its inspiration from a royal style icon, whose love of the best and most beautiful gemstones was legendary. Maria Alexandrovna, the Duchess of Edinburgh, travelled from Russia to England to marry Queen Victoria’s second son, Prince Alfred, in 1874. With her, she brought an incredible collection of jewels, which grew as she commissioned new designs from Garrard.

The jewels were kept in a magnificent vault at the royal residence, Clarence House, and were arranged by colour, creating a vivid palette of gemstones. This vault continues to inspire Garrard’s creative director, Sara Prentice.

“The design concept is unique. The stones are the stars, and we only begin designing a Jewelled Vault piece when our gemmologists have discovered an outstanding new gem”, says Sara.

From Queen Victoria’s sapphire cluster brooch to Princess Diana’s engagement ring, many of Garrard’s most famous royal jewels feature rare, exceptionally fine sapphires.

A 5 carat sapphire and diamond Jewelled Vault ring pays homage to this vibrant legacy, echoing the iconic cluster design.

Only stellar rubies that display the highly prized shade of Pigeon’s Blood are selected for the Jewelled Vault – opulent, ‘redder than red’ stones that are vanishingly rare in the world of gemstones.

Garrard celebrates the rarefied beauty of Colombian emeralds in designs that channel light through the centre stones, illuminating their vivid green colour.

Modern masterpieces designed to celebrate nature’s greatest miracles, Garrard’s creative flair and coloured stone expertise converge in the Jewelled Vault.


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