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Gemfields Brings “A Story in Every Gemstone” to ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

Gemfields will be presenting “A Story in Every Gemstone” installation at Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. The 7th edition of this highly regarded art fair will enhance its previous success and once again present a prestigious line-up of galleries and art organisations, offering the most celebrated art festival from Shanghai.

Aligning with the arts world to highlight the inimitable beauty of natural gemstones, Gemfields’ display will feature larger-than-life ruby and emerald structures, allowing visitors to step inside and immerse themselves in the world of rubies and emeralds. Informative new video content captured at Gemfields mines earlier this year is shown for the first time, describing gemstone discovery and the allure of these magnificent gems, from their significance in ancient times, to the meanings ascribed today. Imagery captured shows some of the exceptional gemstones discovered at the mines within the last year, highlighting their unique beauty and rarity.

Gemfields aims to build consumer demand for coloured gemstones, and is working more closely with the Chinese market, where interest in Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies is on the rise. Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair provides the perfect opportunity to reach an audience captivated by nature and the significance of details – from unique inclusions to colour hues – which create the character of each gemstone and tell its story.

Gemfields holds a strong belief that coloured gemstones should create a positive impact for the country and community from which they originate. Responsible sourcing for Gemfields means industry-leading policies and practices across operations, projects to improve health, education and livelihoods for the communities surrounding mines and conservation efforts to protect Africa’s great wildlife and biodiversity.


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