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Germany Invites GCC Travellers to Explore its Natural Landscapes for Future Holiday Plans

Germany encourages GCC travellers to consider its natural parks, outdoor activities, and wild spaces when planning their next travel destination

Germany is firmly establishing its position as a leading destination for outdoor tourism, encouraging travellers to consider its nature and outdoor activities following the lift of post pandemic travel measures, with the German National Tourist Board leading the charge in presenting the country’s offering to GCC travellers.

The European country is the ideal travel destination for its array of outdoor locations, wildlife, sports, and adventure tour offerings, favoured by both domestic and international travellers. Germany’s tourism sector is inviting visitors to explore its parks, nature trails, and other open spaces with all the family.

“Travellers from the GCC are eager to explore, while ensuring they are keeping their families safe,” Yamina Sofo, Director Sales & Marketing, German National Tourist Office Gulf Countries said. “We are encouraging future travellers to consider nature-oriented holidays as an option, and Germany boasts a wealth of offerings across the regions, suitable for families, or solo travellers.”

The rise of holidaying in Germany for its natural landscapes has been growing evidently since the global pandemic began. Germany’s bountiful trails, waterfalls and national parks continue to be a key attraction, with areas across the country providing the perfect getaway.

Top 10 landscapes to visit when in Germany

Lüneburg Heath (Lüneburger Heide),south of Hamburg: Stretching more than 223 kilometres, the beautiful Lüneburg Heath transforms into a lilac wonderland, connecting both the north and south heathlands. In addition to the many walking, cycling and horse-riding trails, there are numerous sites to explore, including the idyllic car-free village of Wilsede.

Malerweg Trail, Saxony: The Malerweg Trail guides visitors through a fairy-tale like path along intriguing rocky worlds. It has historically inspired many artists, painters, and poets from across the globe, giving it the nickname, Painters Way. There are also a number of attractions that can be found along the route, including the Hohnstein Castle.

Goethe's Path, Harz Mountains: Up on a hilly landscape in northern Germany, Goethe’s path has a peak of 1,141 meters high. It is noted as one of the most hiked trials in the country, with an estimate of 200,000 people visiting it a year.

Oder Valley Park, Brandenburg: Covering 60 kilometers across both the German and Polish banks of the Oder river, Lower Oder Valley Park is the ideal escape for picture-perfect views. Wildlife can be found across the land, scattered between the castles, churches and medieval towns, perfect for an unforgettable experience.

Röthbach Waterfall, Berchtesgaden: The divine Röthbach Waterfall is possibly the most scenic location in the country. It is noted as the highest waterfall in Germany at 470 meters with mirror-like clear streams surrounded by the calm mountains of the Obersee lakes. Close by is one of Germany’s oldest salt mines, with tours taking visitors into the depth of the mountains to see its water wheels and extensive network of tunnels.

Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, north Hesse: The luscious greenery of Kellerwald-Edersee National Park has turned it into a popular tourist location. Found right in the heart of Germany with more than 50 hills and clear streams of natural spring water. Tourists can take guided walks or cycle through the stunning purple meadows of orchid flowers.

The Triberg Waterfalls, Baden-Württemberg: The Triberg Waterfalls is one of Germanys’ highest waterfalls. Located in the Black Forest, it is favoured for its deep valley forms and steep free flows, right on top of a V-shaped rock valley. Visitors are encouraged to climb across the bridge above to have a birds eye view down the cascading waterfall.

Bavarian Forest National Park, south-eastern Germany: The Bavarian Forest National Park, which was the first National Park of Germany, provides more than 80 kilometers of ski trails during the winter season, and over 500 kilometers of marked lush mountain forest trails during the spring and summer.

The Saarschleife Tafeltour Trail, Saarland: One of the most beautiful trails in Germany, it takes in the equality memorable Saar Bow river loop at its heart and provides an opportunity to explore the area’s forests and valley and enjoy its treetop trail with observation tower at 42 meters.

Bad Urach Waterfall, Bad Urach: For a vibrant, mossy, mystical trail, the Bad Urach Waterfall is fit to entertain the entire family. Long grass-like plants grow across a 37-meter waterfall in effortless beauty.

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