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Germany provides inspiration to recharge and refresh

The new German.Spa.Tradition. campaign features a host of travel ideas for those who are health and wellness-conscious

Germany has launched a global German.Spa.Tradition. campaign, on the back of increased demand for health and wellness retreats as travellers seek holidays that engage the body and mind, positioning Germany as a leading holiday destination with quality health and wellness activities.

“Residents from across the Gulf are increasingly looking for getaways that combine relaxation and spa-related experiences, and Germany is renowned for its traditional treatments that provide a memorable break away,” Yamina Sofo, Director of Sales and Marketing of the German National Tourist Office Gulf Countries commented. “This campaign further highlights available services across the country which deliver a chance to recharge and refresh both body and mind.”

With a long tradition of wellness spas in Germany, the campaign focuses on the themes of Breathe, Renew, Enjoy, Feel, and Taste. Each tailored to represent an ideology reflecting what Germany has to offer for travellers.

Breathe presents the varying natural landscapes as the ideal destination for outdoor activities, including hiking, lake-sidewalks, and meditational forest retreats.

Renew emphasises the natural medicinal resources such as peat, mud and minerals, and thermal springs, as the basis for a diverse range of wellness and health treatments.

Enjoy explores the live spa traditions through elegant architecture, events and exhibitions.

Feel highlights natural treatments that boost energy levels and wellbeing.

Taste explores the link between enjoyment of food to a healthy diet that avoids processed, unhealthy choices.

German.Spa.Tradition. is set to target the increasing interest in health and wellness that was witnessed in 2019. Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, there was a recording of 7.2 million international overnight stays in healing and health resorts, corresponding to eight per cent of the total overnight stays in Germany. The certified spas and health resorts not only offer medical and therapeutic services, but also open to those interested in exploring different approaches to wellness. The varied natural remedies facilitate diverse medical applications, and positive implementations towards living a healthier life.

As the number one rated cultural destination in Europe, some of the critically claimed resorts in Germany have roots dating back to the Roman era. The campaign also commemorates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sebastian Kneipp, whose holistic health philosophy is still alive today in medicinal, therapeutic and wellness offerings.

With more than 200,000 kilometres of marked trails to explore, the country’s tourism body has partnered with inbound tourism entities including Bad Zwischenahn, Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden. The Natural landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for active pursuits and looking after your health, while cultural attractions in unique historical surroundings enhance the holiday experience.

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