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Get in the Pearl: An Extensive Seminar on Pearl Types & Grading

Get in the Pearl: An Extensive Seminar on Pearl Types & Grading

Brought to you by the regions ONLY inclusive Gem Lab

For centuries pearls have left people in awe of their magnificent beauty, they also play an important historical role in the culture and trade of the GCC region. GIG with its brand-new online education platform is proud to announce its extensive seminar on pearl types and grading which will take place on the 16th of July. Now is your chance to become a pro at understanding everything about pearls and avoid any confusion when it comes to quality and value. The session will be led by our world-renowned gemologist Eva Kountouraki GIGs Luxury Academy Director. All attendees will also receive an internationally recognized certificate of attendance, CIBJO approved.

This intensive seminar aims to prepare attendees for the pearl challenges of everyday trade and give a correct understanding of how natural pearls form, and how the cultured pearls grow. They will get familiar with the various pearl-bearing oysters and mussels and discover all the characteristics of the pearls that grow inside their body. Furthermore, the international pearl-grading system and all the pearl value factors that determine the quality and value of all kinds of pearls will be covered. Plus, they will get familiar with pearl processing and treatments as well as the common pearl imitations, various types of important and valuable non-nacreous pearls will also be described.

This is a seminar of great importance for all the professionals in the wholesale and retail sectors within the jewelry industry. Plus, for pearl buyers and for all the individuals that want to obtain correct and up-to-date knowledge. This knowledge will help both sellers and buyers make wise choices and avoid the –often expensive- confusion that the lack of product knowledge creates. It is also great for jewelry enthusiasts who want to learn more about pearls and will surely help them make the right investment choices, by investing in themselves.

Corporate discounts can be discussed.


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