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Gift the scent of Eid with Swiss Arabian’s Perfume Oils Collection

Celebrate Eid Al-Adha with Swiss Arabian’s Malaki collection perfect for fragrance lovers

Embrace the beautiful tradition of gifting fragrances this Eid with Swiss Arabian’s concentrated perfume oils collection, perfect for both men and women. Developed by the leading homegrown fragrance house in the region, these dreamy and powerful fragrances are the best way to bring in the holiday nostalgia with friends and family.

Swiss Arabian’s Malaki collection consists of Mukhalat Malaki, Rose Malaki and Musk Malaki – sure to leave you feeling like a royal.

Mukhalat Malaki - Floral, woody and spicy all in one, the intense Mukhalat Malaki, gently cloaked in velvet sandalwood, will leave you renewed and refreshed.

Rose Malaki - An intense, prestigious scent, it’s developed with a majestic blend of deep satin petals sourced from the finest roses delivering a unique, personal experience that elevates you to new levels.

Musk MalakiIs a graceful musky and floral scent blended to perfection, decorated by the warmer shades of sandalwood trees.

If you’re looking for an extra-special gift that smells like a dream while capturing the oriental richness of the season, get your hands on the brand’s latest drop in the Malaki collection Oud Malaki (launching in the first week of July).

Price: AED 160

Available to purchase in-stores and online on



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