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GIG - Become a Seasoned Diamond Professional This Fall

Always wanted to tell if that diamond was real or how many carats it is? Well now is your opportunity to become an all-around diamond pro with Oman’s GIG (Gulf Institute of Gemmology) graduate diamond grader program. Ladies, this is your opportunity to choose your own ring, your own diamond jewellery and make sure it is worth the investment.

The GIG Graduate Diamond Grader Program examines the technical expertise needed to grade, buy, and sell diamonds with the insight of a seasoned professional. This Program explores the diamond grading procedures to assess the 4Cs and how they affect diamond value. Students use professional diamond grading equipment for the purposes of examining a diamond’s quality characteristics to grade. In Lab Sessions students have the chance to practice with real diamonds, natural and synthetic, untreated and treated.

Coursework also includes detecting treated diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds and diamond simulants. Other topics covered include the effect of fluorescence on diamond body color, and the role cut plays in the marketplace and important sectors of the diamond industry, including dealers, cutters and manufacturers.

Program number and title: DG20 Graduate Diamond Grader Program

Clock hours and instructional weeks: 112 clock hours (52 frontal online lessons and 60 lab sessions on campus)

Final qualification: GIG International Diploma First Avaible Date: October 5th

Occupations May Include: Auction House Jewelry Specialist, Diamond Buyer, Diamond Sorter/Grader, Jewelry Business Owner, Retailer, Wholesaler.

For further information, rates & corporate packages, please contact us Mail: Call or Whatsap: +968 9173 6811


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