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Defying convention, breaking free, vibrating since its creation, L’Interdit has always been a strong catalyst of liberating powers.

2018. The decidedly bold Eau de Parfum encourages you to break the rules. 2019. The thrill of the forbidden leaves room for elation with the Eau de Toilette which highlights the unapologetic dark side of each woman. 2020. The Eau de Parfum Intense acts as a booster and heightens this unstoppable appeal to challenge the forbidden. Deeper, darker, it intensifies transgression and turns it into addiction.

Today, a new chapter is opening up and playing with fire to better consume us.

With the Eau de Parfum Rouge, L’Interdit arouses and burns with incandescent sensuality. It is not about resisting it but giving in to it.

L’Interdit disconcerts with its sensual, ravaging thrill. It is no longer an addiction.

It’s an obsession.


This new opus pays tribute to an iconic colour of L’Interdit, red, which burns from within the bottle. Suffused with light, it seems to catch fire. The translucent dark red inside lacquer is a technical feat, unprecedented in the perfumery market. This sulphurous decor heats up the emblematic glass silhouette. Highlighted by a Couture ribbon around the neck and sealed with the Maison’s signature – a black 4G logo –, the bottle’s timeless lines are now more sensual than ever.

The case’s sleek, asserted design also takes on a deep red shade, enhanced by the radiance of the silver L’Interdit logo. When opened, the scarlet red bearing the signature of Hubert de Givenchy completes this utterly feminine monochrome case.


Created by Master Perfumers Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo and Fanny Bal, the Eau de Parfum Rouge sets ablaze the underground signature of L’Interdit. A burning rouge accord with heightened sensuality infuses the fragrance.

The original floral bouquet is taken over by the heat of a tangy blood orange. The latter’s explosive notes galvanise the aphrodisiac accents of ginger with a burst of freshness. The vibrant composition is set alight in an ultimate fusion with the pimento leaf and releases a sensual, utterly seductive, spicy accord.

The subversive woody base notes, with smoky, underground accents from vetiver and patchouli, blend with the captivating, languorous sweetness of sandalwood from New Caledonia creating a burning, sensuous signature.

The Eau de Parfum Rouge beats with new sensuality and its alluring fragrance overwhelms you with an all-consuming attraction.

In compliance with Givenchy Parfums' social and environmental responsibility policy, entitled “The Audacity of Reinvention”, the distinctive natural ingredients of L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge come from identified sources. They are derived from sectors which commit to minimising their environmental impact and to ensuring decent work conditions for local populations. This is true for sambac jasmine, which is harvested in India and tracked from farming. As for ginger from Nigeria, it undergoes cold extraction through a natural process. Lastly, sandalwood comes from a company in New Caledonia which uses water distillation to extract oil, promotes local employment and takes part in reforestation projects.


The magnetic allure of actress Rooney Mara continues to set the fragrance alight. Her expression, her beauty, her charisma, everything about her embraces the codes of L’Interdit in the campaign shot by fashion photographer David Sims.

Her lips coated with a deep red echo the blazing universe of the Eau de Parfum Rouge, while contrasting with her Givenchy Haute Couture black lace dress. In the distance, glowing red halos light up the depths of the metro station in which she appears more determined and self-assured than ever.

She exudes the appeal of the forbidden.


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