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Couture Infusion

Le Rouge Givenchy is a true icon embodying the House’s hallmarks. At once timeless and utterly modern, it is in keeping with a Couture heritage which it constantly reinvents. Always different, always recognisable. Along with Le Rouge, whose formula featuring a luminous matte finish is sheathed in exclusive black leather, it was introduced in 2019 in a powdery matte version with an evocative name: Le Rouge Deep Velvet. Its distinctive features and incredibly pigmented texture, a high coverage effect from the first stroke. But also a long-lasting (12 hours) and comfortable formula, and an exceptional glide for an intense matte finish. Today Givenchy strengthens its position as a matte expert by offering a new interpretation of its iconic lipstick: Le Rouge Sheer Velvet. An astonishing, Couture-infused matte product, available in eleven easy-to-wear shades, including four in a rechargeable format. A new Couture creation which succeeds in combining a blurring effect and vibrant colour, long-lasting hold and lip hydration.

An Innovative Matte Vibrant Texture

With Le Rouge Sheer Velvet, Givenchy imagines a blurring, comfortable and soft matte lipstick. A veil of diffuse, blurry colour... a unique signature. Le Rouge Sheer Velvet boasts a sensory, lightweight texture, providing 12-hour hold and comfort. While Le Rouge Deep Velvet features daring shades that cover lips instantly, Le Rouge Sheer Velvet leaves a veil of endlessly buildable pigments with a blurring effect. The more layers you apply, the more vibrant the matte colour becomes. High-technology pigments provide it with a custom colour intensity. Cutting-edge waxes create a supple, even film, while a brand-new powder strengthens the vibrant and blurring effect of each shade. Lastly, a complex enriched with wild mango butter keeps lips hydrated for 24 hours.

A Velvet Case

Following in the steps of Le Rouge and Le Rouge Deep Velvet, Le Rouge Sheer Velvet embodies all the modernity and elegance of the Givenchy House. Like a precious fashion accessory, it is dressed in a rosewood velvet case, reflecting its matte and sensory finish. Sporting the Givenchy logo and the iconic 4G, Le Rouge Sheer Velvet mirrors the aesthetic codes of the House to better claim its Couture heritage.

Givenchy’s First Refillable Lipstick

A major step forward in Givenchy’s environmental commitment, Le Rouge Sheer Velvet is a lipstick whose base and cap are reusable.To this end, the House has developed an exclusive system which makes it possible to refill the product.Refills are available in the four most iconic shades of the House, including the famous No.37 Rouge Grainé

Eleven Vibrant Colors

I Am Le Rouge

It is not as much for others as for yourself that you wear Le Rouge by Givenchy. To express yourself. To assert yourself. To pamper yourself. Le Rouge Sheer Velvet is an ode to femininity that reveals theuniqueness of every woman, her power and softness. I am Le Rouge... When colour blends with personality, it becomes the symbol of who you are.

Le Rouge Deep Velvet New Shades

Since its launch in 2019, Le Rouge Deep Velvet has become the most Couture lipstick of all. Its unique texture, which manages to combine colour intensity and sensory appeal, is perfect for women looking for an intense matte effect. In 2021 the House created three new shades for them: No.19 Rouge Santal, a woody, slightly coppery hue, No.28 Rose Fumé, a rosewood with warm accents, and No.34 Rouge Safran, a sparkling and daring brick shade. Three new impactful colours from the first application, providing 12 hours of divine comfort. Intense colours and sensory textures havenever been blended in such a stylish way.

Les Accessories Couture

More Couture than ever, Givenchy has created ten emblematic cases which raise its lipsticks to the ranks of style icons. The emblematic black leather sheath of Le Rouge Givenchy or the velvet one of Le Rouge Deep Velvet and Sheer Velvet can be endlessly replaced by these unique accessories according to your mood.Three variants: the Catwalk Edition, whose floral print draws inspiration from a pattern of the Couture House; the Belted Edition, whose loop makes it possible to hang the lipstick to your waist as a final touch to your outfit; and lastly the Studded Edition,featuring the silver studs inextricably linked to the Givenchy style. Real leather,asserted colours, sophisticated details.The latest trends liven up these utterly desirable lipsticks, resolutely Couture.


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