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Givenchy Parfums Introduces NEW Désinvolte


From his first collection, Hubert de Givenchy takes the world by surprise with his ability to combine absolute sophistication with an unexpected form of casualness. No matter how luxurious the materials or complex the cuts, each look has a touch of nonchalance. This utterly aristocratic impertinence is an integral part of the designer’s personality and is found in all of his creations.

Whether in fashion or decoration, it nurtures every aspect of his art of living. From the Maison’s Couture shows to the salons in the designer’s private mansion, Givenchy elegance is the ravishing chic style of those who don’t take life too seriously.

How can this je-ne-sais-quoi be conveyed in a fragrance? By playing on the contrasts between naturalness and refinement, simplicity and opulence. The result is Désinvolte – a generous multifaceted white bouquet. The heart of the fragrance features rich, intensely textured Indian tuberose. This sensual flower is amplified by a magnolia-orange blossom-jasmine accord, a magnificent trio of white flower absolutes which share the same sensuality while bringing lightness and transparency to the fragrance.


From June to November in Egypt and from June to December in India, jasmine grandiflorum blossoms are delicately hand-harvested at daybreak to preserve the freshness of their scent. The Egyptian harvest yields a fresh, delicate infusion and the Indian harvest a voluptuous absolute, both obtained in such a way as to release the full potential of their extraordinary olfactory treasures.

Elegant, majestic tuberose blossoms from June to December in southern India. Each day at dawn, a harvesting ceremony unfolds: women carefully gather the precious white corollas which will be used to make garlands and perfumes. When processed into an absolute, tuberose offers a creamy, captivating scent, the source of the white bouquet’s opulence and texture. In sharp contrast to this floral sensuality, ambery vetiver base notes exude woody, almost raw vibrations. Harvested through a sustainable programme in Haiti, the plant is made into an essence to procure its most fragrant woody facets.

At once fresh and creamy, natural and sophisticated, Désinvolte is a bold, exhilarating creation. It also contains a selection of natural materials sourced from sustainable, traceable suppliers chosen by Maison Givenchy’s partner. Through its presence in the field, this partner provides long-term social and environmental support to producers.


Désinvolte comes in the signature bottle of La Collection Particulière De Givenchy: a creation with clean lines whose transparent glass complements the deep black hue of the cap, which is also adorned with a label inspired by Haute Couture.

A unique service is available to personalise the minimalist, sculptural design of this timeless bottle: the 4G emblem on the cap can be replaced with a marble pattern or animal print and a metal plate engraved with the initials of your choice, to amp up your personality.


Totally unique, terribly essential.

Composed of prestigious ingredients, this astonishing fragrance can be worn on its own or combined with Désinvolte to accentuate its personality, magnify its texture, and strengthen its adherence to the skin. One spray of Accord Particulier de Givenchy will heighten the character of any scent.

Accord Particulier – the very essence of the Maison – blends four emblematic ingredients of Givenchy perfumery: Rose Damascena, Patchouli Essence, Haitian Vetiver and Ambrox®. A facetted quartet that promises to bring more depth, radiance, and sensuality to each La Collection Particulière sillage.


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