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Go excessive with Herrera Beauty’s new Fabulous Eyes mascara for high maintenance lashes

When it comes to beauty, the jury is in! The Eyes have it. Introducing Herrera Beauty’s very first mascara capsule: Fabulous Eyes. Featuring two innovative formulas that deliver instant as well as long-term results, say hello to fabulously flirtatious lashes that feel as good as they look.

If the eyes truly are the windows to the soul, then get ready to frame yours to perfection. The cornerstone of every make-up collection, no beauty look would be complete without lashings of everyone’s two new favorite mascaras (more on that later). Formulated for an excessively long-wearing ultra-black shade that’s as easy to remove as it is to apply, these new buildable formulas are all about combining comfort and results, delivering exaggerated lift and curling action that lasts up to 24 hours in one easy swipe. Boasting a unique brush for effortless glide, each lash, from the tiniest to the longest, is evenly coated for an elegant, ultra-defined look.

Ready for a deep dive into the first formula? Entirely resistant to water and formulated sans carbon, the Waterpoof Fabulous Eyes mascara is designed to condition as well as to enhance, because we believe that true beauty starts from within. Enriched with protective black orchid extract to nourish and strengthen and infused with lash-conditioning castor oil for a softer, healthier feel, this waterproof formula is boosted with crystal drops for visibly fuller and longer lashes after 28 days of continued use.

Worried about the kind of smudging that results in those dreaded panda eyes? The entirely vegan Smudgeproof Fabulous Eyes formula has you covered – literally. Its lightweight creamy texture ensures that the formula sticks to your lashes – exclusively – no matter how humid your environment, or how sweaty you get (How’s that for ‘till lash do us part?). Also enriched with beautifying jasmine extract to nourish and strengthen, the Smudgeproof formula is infused with lash-conditioning castor oil for softer, healthier lashes and crystal drops for visibly fullerand longer lashes after 28 days of continued use. But just wait, it gets better.

After all, what would a Herrera Beauty mascara be without eye-catching customization? Whether you decide to pair it with one of our signature lipsticks & Mini Tints for an emergency go-to kit or rock it on its own, simply throw a sleek gold Herrera bangle on it and make it yours! From the iconic jasmine to the Herrera alphabet and a new Eye-see-you charm, the possibilities are endless when it comes to flaunting your unique sense of style. Looking to go the extra mile? A flirty tassel ought to do it. Check out the three new additions in black, red, and pink, all of which feature a hook so that you can thread them onto your bangle. Finally, spritz the tassel of your choice with your favorite Carolina Herrera scent and prepare to make some serious eye contact!


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