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Haytham Sharrouf is an architect, designer and visual artist.


Born in Venezuela and raised in Lebanon Haytham Sharrouf is an architect, designer and visual artist. His art involved in architecture , digital art, furniture design and oil paintings and the interplay between genres and medium. Sharrouf is always willing to explore uncharted territories to come up with eccentric and visually challenging art objects that go beyond traditional art practices.

His inspiration lies in exploring the effect of architecture on humans, finding means to implement architectural concepts, lines and forms with human relations and to recontextualize landmark build- ings across architectural boundaries.

Abstract of my work:

Doha inspired me to embark on a new multidisciplinary series of artwork in which I try to capture hidden souls of people, architecture, and the city itself. In which I materialize personalities and personalize the materials to come up with a futuristic creation that pushes the traditional boundaries of painting, architecture, graphic art and installation, through the intersection between architecture, philosophy and technology.

Architecture: is what I do.

Technology is how I do it.

Philosophy is why I do it.

Architecture is about function but I want to remember a rewriting of this phrase by Bernard Tschumi (FORM FOLLOW FUNCTION) and I want to propose a completely different quality( Form follows Fiction).

If forms follows fiction we could think of architecture and building as a space of stories, stories of the people that live there, and of the people that work in these buildings. And we could start to imagine the experiences our buildings create. Our buildings are prototypes, ideas for how the space of living or how the space of working could be different and what a space of culture or a space of media could look like today.

Recently I realized how I practice architecture as a language in itself as creating narratives with objects in spaces in order to create physical realities with conceptual possibilities, and also the process of making it.

Thus I was creating visuals that speaks about social distant and self-isolation through architectural fictional forms and elements that creates a narrative dialogue with metaphysical illusion through figures and space.

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