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Heard of sustainable mining? Tiffany & Co. explain why it matters

Using this time to educate yourself? It’s more important now than ever before to support and commend transparent brands. This is why we’re deep diving into the world of Tiffany & Co. to explore how they have sustained their legacy as one of the world’s premier jewelers and pioneer in the responsible sourcing of diamonds.

“Diamonds, formed up to 3 billion years ago and brought to the earth’s surface by a miracle of nature, are symbols of the most important moments in our lives. There should be nothing opaque about Tiffany diamonds. Our clients want and deserve to know where their most valuable, most cherished diamond jewelry is from, and how it came to be” – said Alessandro Bogliolo, Chief Executive Officer, Tiffany & Co.

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in Tiffany & Co.’s core values – they have had a formal sustainability program in place for over a decade, firmly crowning them a next-generation luxury jeweler. Ushering in a new era of diamond traceability, every diamond 0.18 carats and larger will come with a craftsmanship journey and provenance to the region of origin. This is an industry first - beyond general assurances of “conflict free,” Tiffany believes that knowing provenance is critical to ensuring its diamonds are among the most responsibly sourced in the world. Last year, the brand enhanced their approach to transparency through the Diamond Source Initiative, which shares with customers the provenance—region or countries of origin—of all newly sourced, individually registered diamonds (0.18 carats and larger). In fact, Tiffany & Co. has committed to 100% geographic transparency for every newly sourced, individually registered diamond, and will not source any diamonds with unknown provenance (even if responsible sourcing is assured!).

Leading by example, Tiffany & Co. are now the global leader in diamond traceability. This means they source the majority of their diamonds through known mines and sources, allowing you to know exactly where your diamond came from, resting assured that your Tiffany diamond was obtained from suppliers that operate in environmentally and socially responsible ways.

“Sustainability lies at the heart of the Tiffany & Co. brand—it’s both our legacy and our future. Tiffany’s promise to the world is to protect its beauty, nurture its people and conduct our business with care.” –Alessandro Bogliolo, Chief Executive Officer, Tiffany & Co.

The brand is unique among global luxury jewelers in owning and operating its own diamond polishing workshops around the world – where 1,500+ Tiffany artisans ensure superlative diamond quality and craftsmanship. This helps to keep Tiffany diamonds brighter and more vibrant because they craft them that way. Excellence of cut is obsessively considered to maximize vibrancy, dispersion and scintillation – not just carat weight. This guarantees that the three factors that impact cut: Proportion, Symmetry, and Polish are held to the Tiffany standard of excellence, rendering the most brilliant diamond possible.

“A transparent journey of responsible sourcing reflects the many positive and far reaching benefits along every step of the diamond supply chain, Tiffany & Co. has long been committed to diamond traceability and going above and beyond industry norms to promote the protection of the environment and human rights” – Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustainability officer, Tiffany & Co.

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