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French Savoir-Faire, Worldly Know-How, Middle Eastern Ties

With a history of serving Middle Eastern clients, an entire philosophy stemming from world travel, and creations driven by French savoir-faire, craftsmanship and the art of couture, Haute Parfumerie Maison Henry Jacques makes arguably some of the finest Ouds in the world.

Oriental Scents

For Ramadan, the Maison is shining a spotlight on two of its most precious oriental perfumes from the heart of its collection ‘Les Classiques’, perfectly suited for both men and women. Onction is the luxurious smell of Dehen El Oudh, and Musk Oil Black, the lingering scent of “bukhoor”.


Family: Oriental / Woody

Opening: Cedar Wood – Saffron – Myrrh

Heart: Dehen el Oudh – Red Rose – Opoponax

Trail: Sandalwood – Patchouli – Vetiver (Haïti)


Family: Musky / Oriental

Opening: Ylang-Ylang – Olibanum

Heart: Myrrh – Benzoin (Siam)

Trail: Musk – Bourbon Vanilla – Patchouli

Henry Jacques & Oud

Henry Jacques perfumes manifest the soul of the Maison’s founder Henry Cremona, a world traveller who drew on his childhood, wanderlust, and dreams of faraway lands to feed his deep passion for fragrance. From his endless encounters with Middle Eastern culture and traditions, he discovered the refined and rare scents of Oud – and the opulence it adds to any perfume. The Maison has been mastering Oud blending for over 30 years now, seamlessly merging its delicacy within French compositions.

Perfume Rituals

Always innovating and presenting novel ways to wear and layer scents, Henry Jacques brings back the beauty of a special gesture with its Essences and Mists, or ‘Brumes’. Dab a few drops of Essence on your wrist and add a finishing touch of the newly launched Les Brumes – which can be either splashed or sprayed.

Onction: 15ml – QAR 4,540 | 30ml – QAR 7,505 | Brume 75ml – QAR 4,540

Musk Oil Black: 15ml – QAR 2,540 | 30ml – QAR 3,640 | Brume 75ml – QAR 2,540


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