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Hand-crafted Perfume Chests to house the Maison’s most Treasured Scents

Henry Jacques introduces “Les Boites à Parfums”, a set of hand-crafted chests designed to house the maison’s treasured Classiques perfumes. The extensive range of 50 fragrances that lie at the heart of Henry Jacques give rise to the desire of creating one’s own exquisite collection; the new chests were borne to reveal and protect these flacons in a manner as unique and special as the scents that they encase.

Whether the collection of Classiques was purchased in store or on Henry Jacques new e-shop set to launch in June (, the Maison now offers these elegant padded cases free of charge with any purchase of 3, 6 or 10 perfumes. The chests are ideal for organizing, protecting, displaying or transporting one’s own personal selection of fragrances, be it the classical Essences or the contemporary Brumes sprays.

Available in 4 colours, pink, taupe, beige and brown, Les Boites à Parfums will blend in perfectly with any décor and serves as a showcase of one’s favorite fragrances, and a graceful insight into one’s personality. An object of great refinement, the new perfume boxes are the perfect reflection of the art of living as envisaged by Henry Jacques: a precious and discreet indulgence that we keep close each day.

Les Boites à Parfums clearly echo Henry Jacques’ vision of Haute Parfumerie: perfumery that never stands still, and is more than just the result of virtuous know-how. Perfumery that takes its source and raison d’être from the boldness of exploration and the exquisiteness of intimacy: Haute Parfumerie Vivante.


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