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Henry Jacques launches ‘Les Brumes’

Fragrances in a convertible flacon: splash or spray!

In its constant quest to bring great perfumery to life, Henry Jacques has introduced a new way of wearing its signature scents, in the form of ‘Les Brumes’. Recognising that we have moments that may call for a simpler approach, a more casual and modern way of enjoying great perfumery, Les Brumes are a lighter expression of Les Classiques, designed to be splashed or sprayed

Previously available only in the more traditional form of Essences, Les Classiques take on a fresh dynamic thanks to this new variation - feeling brighter and more airy, while still possessing the strong heart that makes every Henry Jacques creation so distinctive.

The all-new Les Brumes flacon, designed by the Maison’s Artistic Director Christophe Tollemer, is revolutionary – its top switching effortlessly from spray to splash, inviting you to choose the gesture that best suits the moment. The choice is yours; the elegance of the gestures is eternal.

A splash… A wave of the hand brings the perfume into direct contact with your skin.

A spray… A gentle press of the thumb releases a delicate mist that settles on your clothes or hair.

With Les Brumes, the Maison takes the spray concept into new territory, with a degree of quality and innovation that is rare in perfumery. The variation perfectly embodies Henry Jacques’ know-how, creativity and vision, recognised around the world by connoisseurs of great fragrance. 

The first 20 fragrances of Les Brumes (75ml) are launching worldwide in September 2019 and are available, along with the full range, at the Henry Jacques boutique in The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue extension, telephone: +971 4 3317533. 



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