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Henry Jacques: Light, fresh fragrances evocative of Spring

With Spring comes a time for new beginnings, and for those with a penchant for fragrances to refresh their perfume wardrobe, welcoming the days of lighter, fresher notes. French Haute Parfumerie Henry Jacques has recently introduced several new scents to its iconic Les Brumes line: Ambrose, Dorilene and Vert Galant are perfectly evocative of the shift in season, each bringing a touch of serenity whilst reawakening ones senses.


A beautiful, clean Rose scent surrounded by the cool and refreshing notes of Mint and Anise, followed by Amber and Sandalwood. Ambrose is subtle, warm and spicy - yet woody, which creates an aura of enchanting, timeless elegance.

Family: Floral / Woody Instantly: Mint – Rose Then: White Anise Later: Amber – Sandalwood


A floral fresh scent with a charming opening led by the encounter of Lily of the Valley and the alluring sweetness of Ylang Ylang. The graceful presence of Roses, Freesia and an aroma of Jasmine are later balanced by the earthy and subtly green scent of Iris.

Family: Floral / Fresh Instantly: Lily of the Valley – Ylang-Ylang Then: White Lily – Fresh Rose – Freesia Later: Jasmine – Iris – Magnolia


When aromatic and fresh Lavender notes meet the mysterious warmth of Sandalwood, you are immersed in the tranquility of French lavender fields. What follows is the lingering sweet aroma of Cistus Labdanum, complemented with Amber, Musk and an all-enveloping Vanilla.

Family: Fougere / Lavender Instantly: Lavender Then: Cistus-Labdanum – Sandalwood Later: Amber – Vanilla – Musk

As well as being newly offered in the splash and spray 75ml Les Brumes version, the scents are also available in more traditional Les Essences in 15ml and 30ml crystal flacons. Ambrose, Dorilene and Vert Galant are available at Henry Jacques boutiques in The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue extension - Dubai, The Galleria Mall - Abu Dhabi, and Galeries Lafayette - Doha.


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