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Henry Jacques’ ode to the Middle EastA spotlight on the Haute Parfumerie’s OUD for Ramadan

Oud has been part of Middle Eastern culture for centuries, its rich and soothing aroma a rare delicacy, certainly a staple during Ramadan. In the lead up to the Holy month, French Haute Parfumerie Henry Jacques shines a spotlight on several of its Oud fragrances - an ode to the region, and a nod to its deep-rooted ties in the Arab world.

There is the elegant and sophisticated Gallia, exclusive to Qatar, and Oud Imperial, both created as pure Essences only available in both 15ml and 30ml flacons; Onction and Correspondance are offered in both Essence and Brumes (spray) versions. As with all Henry Jacques creations, these Ouds are handcrafted to adorn both men and women, enveloping their wearer in a blanket of grace and pure indulgence.


Starting at QAR 7,560 (15ml)

Elegant and sophisticated Indian Agarwood, blended with Cedar wood and Patchouli, and wrapped with Saffron, spicy notes and honey. The animalic undertones are filtrated through a layer of sweetness and spices which add softness, yet remain very aromatic.

Family: Oriental / Woody

Opening: Spicy Notes – Saffron – Honey

Heart: Dehen el Oud – Cedar Wood – Patchouli

Trail: Amber – Leather – Myrrh

Oud Imperial

Starting at QAR 6,090 (15ml)

A majestic touch of Cambodian agarwood that opens with an intense hint of Oud with pleasant woody and sweet tones. With time, the Patchouli adds a dry woody undertone while the Amber and Vanilla offer a pleasant sweetness.

Family: Oriental / Woody

Opening: Dehen el Oud

Heart: Geranium – Leather

Trail: Patchouli – Amber – Vanilla


Starting at QAR 4,540 (15ml)

A delicate fragrance with a rich opening, dry and warm, a layer of cedar wood topped with Saffron and Myrrh. The Agarwood later opens and the aroma then settles on Sandalwood and Patchouli to enhance the woody tone.

Family: Oriental / Woody

Opening: Cedar Wood – Saffron – Myrrh

Heart: Dehen el Oud – Red Rose – Opoponax

Trail: Sandalwood – Patchouli – Vetiver (Haïti)


Starting at QAR 4,225 (15ml)

A love letter to the spirit of travel, Rose Damascenia and Oud invoke the Orient’s greatest elegance, whilst Iris bestows a traditional touch. Intensity is contrasted with scents of simple beauty, touches of Apricots and Rose de Mai are classic, and Vanilla joins Oud in the trail.

Family: Floral / Oriental

Opening: Hyacinth – Rose Damascenia – Iris

Heart: Rose de Mai – Apricot – Patchouli

Trail: Ambergris – Dehen el Oud – Vanilla

For almost half a century, Henry Jacques has been crafting the world’s finest essences by virtue of its immense savoir-faire, respecting traditions whilst never ceasing to innovate. With beginnings as a ‘bespoke’ house, the Maison has created an endless array of fragrances over the years; within its repertoire are numerous beautiful Ouds, all delicate and discrete, all wholly reflective of the Henry Jacques philosophy of artistry, rarity and absolute perfection.


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