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For clean, glowing and refreshed skin in under 30 seconds, FOREO has the skincare saviour for seriously busy women

Hectic schedules and long hours characterize the lives of women who are juggling their wellbeing, careers and social life. When it comes to the skincare department, Swedish beauty tech brand FOREO can help make life a little easier with the revolutionary range of LUNA cleansing devices that simplifies routines for a glowing and radiant complexion in just 60 seconds. 

With empowering initiatives on the rise, it’s never been more relevant to speak about the habits of successful and powerful women. From pilots to doctors - some of the smartest women in the world are smart enough to depend on the smartest skintech to keep their skin clear and glowing throughout their busy lives, whether it be for work, or play! 

Haifa Beseisso: Activist, Humanitarian, Creator For Change

Self-confessed ‘Humanistan’ Haifa Beseisso is also a TV presenter and Creator For Change Ambassador who quit her regular job to follow her dreams, believing that there are no limits to what you can achieve. She uses the LUNA 2 to clean her skin deeply after her adventures and commented that on the days she doesn’t use it her face doesn’t feel the same!

Raya Abirached: TV Presenter

With her lively personality, a seamless ability to switch between English and Arabic and her natural rapport with global A-listers, Raya Abirached has become a staple of entertainment broadcasting in the Middle East. The Lebanese-British TV presenter and celebrity journalist at MBC is best known for co-hosting the hit TV talent show, Arabs Got Talent. Raya keeps her skin looking flawless on the red carpet with the help of the LUNA 2. A daily 2-minute skin care routine helps Raya to have luminous, refined and youthful look.

Kellie Gerardi: Astronaut

Kellie Gerardi is an astronaut candidate and scientist who firmly believes in the democratization of space travel. Her insights help FOREO to explore skincare barriers in space and use innovation to anticipate the beauty requirements of future fearless space travelers. She notes that multi-purpose beauty products optimized to address micro-gravity symptoms such as itchiness, sensitivity, and flakiness will make the best space companions - making LUNA the perfect choice.

Dalia Fernandez, FOREO’s Product Development Manager said:As a brand we exist to make our customer’s lives better, so although humbling, it’s really not surprising to see that some of the world’s smartest women are using FOREO. When the LUNA first launched, it redefined what it meant to cleanse and so far, our devices have transformed the skincare routines of over 20 million people worldwide. When we were developing the LUNA 3 we wanted to make sure that the product was really helping our customers - we recognized that many of them were actually time poor and wanted to find a way to make it even easier to integrate a simple cleanse into their lives!”  

FOREO has just revealed its biggest Black Friday discounts ever, meaning that it has never been easier to check out the hype and see the game-changing magic of skintech first hand, at the best prices possible. The exclusive sale will run from November 25th until December 6th, 2019 on 



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